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When We Talk about an E-commerce Site

When we talk about an e-commerce website, what can I talk about?


As a Customer
Product+ Price (discount) + Service (review + shipping + return + payment) + Company Info

As a Marketer
4P + Web Analytics (traffic + Ads + page ) + SNS + Company Info + Partnerships
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Plus Size Fashion

The forgotten majority by Ecomnomist


The fashion industry pays attention to plus size women

Revenue from the category is outstripping total clothing sales


A good fit is everything, stylists often counsel, but in assessing its market America’s fashion business appears to have mislaid the measuring tape. A frequently-cited study done a few years ago by Plunkett Research, a market-research firm, found that 67% of American women were  “plus-size”, meaning size 14 or larger. That figure will not have changed much, but in 2016, only 18% of clothing sold was plus-size, according to NPD group, another research firm.


Plunkett Research 几年前做的一个研究报告表明 67% 的美国人都是大码受众。

但是NPD group 的研究显示大码服装在2016的销售额只占到 18%。


Designer and retailers have long thought of the plus-size segment as high-risk. Predicting what there customers will buy is difficult, as they tend to be more curious about styles. Making larger clothes is more expensive; high costs for fabric cannot always be passed on customers. In turn, plus-size women shopped less because the industry was not serving them well. “We have money but nowhere to spend it,” says Kristine Thompson, who runs a blog called Trend Curvy and has nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram, a social-media site.


设计者和零售商认为大码服装是有高风险的。1. 预估顾客购买行为困难 2. 大码成本高些,而高成本又不能转移到顾客身上。



At last, that is changing. Fast-fashion brands, including Forever 21 and a fashion line sold in partnership with Target, a giant retailer, have expanded their plus-size collections. Lane Bryant, a plus-size retailer, and Prabal Garung, a designer, have done the same. In March Nike extended its “X-sized” sportswear range.


一些快时尚品牌在往大码这一类别拓展。包括 Forever 21, Target. Nike 四月份也推出大码的运动装。

2013-2016 大码品类的收入增长14%。而整个服装的增长为7%。


社交媒体在其中有着重要作用, 改变了时尚界对大码的认识。


Revenue in the plus-size category increased by 14% between 2013 and 2016, compared with growth of 7% for all apparel. Takings were $21.3 bn last year. Social media has played an important role in changing attitudes in the fashion business, says Madeline Jones, editors and co-founders of PLUS Model Magazine.


Nonetheless, designer brands still hold back (Walmart sells the most plus-size apparel). Some brands, such as Michael Kors, do sell plus-size ranges but do not advertise them or display them on websites. For those that are willing to take a chance, several internet startups that deliver personally styled outfits to individuals, including plus-size women, offer data to “straight-size” designers. Gwynnie Bee, Stich Fix and Dia & Co, for example, share information with designers on preferred styles and fits. Tracy Reese, a designer known for creating Michelle Obama’s dress for the Democratic National Convention in 2012, is one brand that recently enlisted Gwynnie Bee’s help to create a new plus-size collection. Gwynnie Bee prompted the label to create bigger patterns and appealing designs.


然后多数的设计品牌依然止步不前。 (沃尔玛销售的大码服装最多)。

一些品牌确实有 推出大码服装,并没有做广告或者展示。


一些初创公司将其数据分享给设计师。其中包括Gwynnie Bee, Stich Fix and Dia & Co 以及设计米歇尔·奥巴马服装的Tracy Reese。


Not all plus-size shoppers are convinced. Laura Fuentes, a hairstylist from Abilene, Texas, says that many upmarket department stores still keep their plus-size clothing sections poorly organised, badly stocked and dimly it, if they stock larger clothes at all. Yet such complaints should be taken with a punch of salt, says Ms Thompson, “We’re nowhere near where we should be but we‘ve made progress,’ she says.



Hello World

blogging with wordpress

(Photo  1.2.2017  in NSYSU )

I still remember the first time I have met WordPress through the search engine. I just thought it was a blog platform and did not pay much attention at that time.

Blogging is not so popular today for Zimeiti or “self-media” through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram makes a hit and attracts big investment. And it is more convenient to share your ideas there.

In terms of writing, everyone seems to be able to write something they like or the public fancy and even make a fortune this way. To me, writing is recording, it is a kind of self-reflection. You experience, you think and you write, happy or sad.

A thousand mile journey begins with just one step.

This is the start for me to write, to record, and to share.

My blog mainly consists of three parts.

First, it is about digital marketing. You can have a basic understanding of digital marketing and try some useful tools through the posts.

Second, you can get some materials if you want to learn English, Japanese or Finance.

Third, I will post some pieces of news from famous magazines or newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times.

Hello, New World!