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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 11

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.3.24- volume 11


1.Getting Affiliated with a Different Side of Digital Marketing
2.The Awin Report 2019 PDF
3.Ben Cronin, Pinnacle: “Marketing strategies have to be well-rounded and data-driven”
4.Managing Different Types Influencers by Impact
5.5 Questions Partnership Channel Owners Need to Know How to Answer
6.16 Business Podcasts to Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur
7. Find Your Name: 10 Business Name Generators to Help You Create Your Brand
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 10

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.3.17- volume 10


1.The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation
2.The 12 best free tools for affiliate marketers
3.Celebrating Women in Affiliate Marketing
4.The One-Hour Guide to SEO, Part 1: SEO Strategy – Whiteboard Friday
5.E-Cigarettes Redux: A Society In Fear Of Mistakes
6.Amazon Owns Half of Ecommerce in the U.S.
7.Roadmap of Remote
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 9

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.3.8- volume 9


1.Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2019
2.Le Tote expands its blogger affiliate network
3.Influencer marketing 2019: Seven key stats you need to know
4.2019 Performance Marketing Awards Shortlist Announced
5.The Complete Guide to Improving Email Lead Generation
6.How to Market on Reddit: A Guide for Businesses
7.How to Recruit Paid Social Influencers
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 8

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.3.1- volume 8


1. A Complete List Of Online Marketplaces Across The Globe (Updated for 2019)
2. 25 questions about affiliate marketing answered for marketing managers
3. How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website
4. The Essential Shopify Store Launch Checklist
5. How to Get Top Influencers to Work with Your Brand
6. What publishers need to know now about creating a better ad experience
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 7

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.2. 22- volume 7


1. The Truth About Coupon Affiliates
2. MarTech Interview with Jim Nichols, CMO, Partnerize
3. Everything You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping: ePacket Delivery Explained
4. 6 Ways You Can Work With Influencers
5. Ecommerce Marketing in 2019: Trends, Tools and Tactics to Be Across
6. We Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here’s What We Learned About Content Marketing
7. The 15 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions
8. Resale Revolution: the new wave of secondhand retail apps in the US market
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 6

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.2. 15- volume 6


1. Celebrating Female Founders: How These 7 Women-Owned Businesses Found Success
2. Best Practices to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing
3. How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform
4. Alibaba 101: How to Safely Source Products from the World’s Biggest Supplier Directory
5. 100+ Beautiful and Creative Ecommerce Website Designs
6. 8 Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money For Your Big Idea
7. Rev Up Your Revenues: 10 Trending Products to Sell in 2019 Continue reading Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 6

Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 5

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.2.11  Volume  5


1. Influencer Marketing 2019 : Benchmark Report
2. Facebook turns 15| How the social-networking giant has changed America | The Economist
3. Tech Is Splitting the U.S. Work Force in Two | The New York Times
4. FREE Download: SaaS Buyer’s Guide | PerformanceIN
5. 50 Exceptional Online Stores Built on Shopify Continue reading Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 5

Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 4

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.2.1-volume 4


1. Get the Most from
2. You Can Buy From Your Friends Thanks To Storr
3.The Complete Guide to Content Monetization Platforms
4.A Complete Guide to Amazon for Vendors   pdf
5.Social Media Marketing Industry Report
6. The biggest tech trends of 2019, according to top experts
7.6 Influencer Marketing Platforms for Partnering with Internet Famous Creators
8.How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 13 Reliable Ways to Grow Your Audience
9.What Digital Marketers Need to Know About Cookies & Tracking
11.The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software
12.21 Web Directories That Still Have Value in 2019 Continue reading Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 4

Weekly Reading Picks |Volume 1-3

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

1.25-volume 3

1.Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility ppt

Seven Aspects
• Values are what we Value
• High Performance
• Freedom & Responsibility
• Context, not Control
• Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled
• Pay Top of Market
• Promo<ons & Development


2.How Google Analytics Attributes Traffic From Facebook

Google Analytics separates these attributions into two types: last touch attributions and assisted attributions. ( Conversions-Multi-Channel Funnels-Assisted Conversions )

But the Facebook Ads Manager platform can’t see the assist part of a transaction because it has no visibility into other platforms.

3.How to Create the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Tool Kit for Your Affiliates

About Us
Product Specs
Product Highlights, Features and Benefits
Press Releases
Sample Product Reviews
Taglines and Key Marketing Phrases
Contact Info

4.The Guide to Influencer Marketing Automation pdf

Influencer Marketing Automation (IMA) is a new industry category of content marketing that combines all five critical components of influencer marketing:
1. Influencer Recruitment
2. Influencer Selection
3. Workflow Automation
4. Analytics
5. Optimized Distribution

5.Google’s European MonopolyPie chart comparison of where searches happen in the US vs. EU+UK

Where searches happen on the web in selected countries

6.The Current State of Mobile: CPI, COD, and Where the Profit is for 2018 | AWasia 2017 (Video)


7.The Economist | Slowbalisation: The steam has gone out of globalisation


8.Amazon Influencer Business

1. Amazon is stepping up its efforts to sign up influencers for its affiliate program.
2. In recent weeks, numerous small creators have signed up and been approved for the Amazon Influencer Program.
3. Business Insider obtained a copy of Amazon’s terms of the deals, including details on how much influencers are paid to sell items.
4. Commissions are as high as 10% for Amazon’s private fashion line and as little as 1% for video games and consoles.

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