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Slickdeals is one of the largest community for deal hunter as well as a great channel to promote products for merchants. It is important and necessary to understand how it works for users and advertisers and profit for itself.

2. Company Profile

3.Web Analytics

1. Traffic

slickdeals web traffic

slickdeals web traffic 2

SimilarWeb shows:
it is No.1 coupon site on coupon category.
Traffic Source: Direct 60%+
Geos: US 95%
Performance: Bounce Rate, Time on Site — Good

Social: YouTube, FB, Reddit
Search: Organic (95.71%), Paid(4.29%)
Display: Skimlinks, Ziff Davis, Google Display, Taboola, CJ
Note: Desktop Only

2. Social Accounts

slickdeals social account.png

Channel Followers Found Post 
Twitter 215K 2007.7 3 posts/hour
Facebook 185393 / 3-4 posts/day
Instagram 17.4K / Not Frequent
Pinterest 2K / Not Frequent

3. Operation Model

SD how it works

Community Rules:

4. Competitive Advantage

SD advantage

Frontpage deals are only posted after rated and reviewed by the community and picked by expert editors to ensure their quality, scarcity and value.

5. Partners

SD partners

6. Profit model

DSF + Paid Placement + Google ads


SD paid placementSD google ads

7. Homepage

SD homepage.png

Featured Deals: may be sponsored by the merchant
Frontpage Slickdeals: selected by the community and expert editors.

8. Category Page

SD category page

Deals: uses can go quickly to frontpage deals and popular deals
Stores: well-known brands Forum: community
Deals Alerts: customize deals according to personal needs
Blog: deal news, shopping guides & discount tips

9. Forum

SD forum

The Deals| Popular: Hot Deals and Contests & Sweepstakes
Features: subscriptions, setting, contacts& friends, post, search, etc.

10. My Account

SD account.png

Social Functions
Recommended users to follow and communicate

4. Competitors Glance

SD competitor

Sitejabber Reviews Stars Top Deal websites
slickdeals 448 4.8 UK-hotukdeals
groupon 5244 3.2
ebates 1407 4.6
RMN 196 3.7

1. Some users do not get the cashback
2.  Strict rules for posts and accounts banned

5. Summary

SD summary

Elements of e-commerce : 1.Technology 2.Content 3.Traffic