Marketing Research and Report

Here is a collection of marketing research, industry report and digital marketing guide as well as my own study notes.

Feel Downloads! Hope it helps.


2017-2018 跨境出口电商互联网营销白皮书 by Morketing


“产品、物流、流量”:三个维度解析出口B2C电商 |36氪

BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders-2019

Digital 2019-Global Digital Yearbook-en

Ecommerce Marketing in 2019 The Definitive Guide by SEJ

Mary Meeker Internet_Trends_2019


A Complete Guide to Amazon for Vendors

Feedvisor-The State of the Amazon Marketplace 2019

Feedvisor-2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report

Merkle-2019 Amazon Advertising Flywheel Strategy Guide

MERKLE_Digital Marketing Report_Q1_2019

Affiliate Marketing

The Big Affiliate Marketing Handbook by IAB

ADMITAD_Annual Report 2017-2018_EN_FINAL

Admitad Annual Report 2018_2019 EN


PI-buyers guide-SaaS

STM forum What’s-working-in-2018-final

The Awin Report 2019

What is Working in 2019 by STM


The AppsFlyer Performance Index 2018



47 Experts on the 2019 SEO Trends That Really Matter

Pepperjam SEO 101 for Publishers 2018.2.21


Backlinko_Skyscraper Technique Checklist


Pinterest Seasonal Insights-2019

The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement by BuzzSumo

Ad Tech



Marketing Technology Landscape | Martech 5000

Bob’s Work

Marketing Channels

Website Optimization

Cross-border E-commerce

Facebook Ads

Adwords Fundamental

SEO Guide

Shopify Guide

Affiliate Marketing Guide by Bob

Amazon Category

eBay Category

Reading Picks | Affiliate Marketing

Reading Picks | Influencer Marketing

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