When We Talk about an E-commerce Site

As a customer:
>Product price  (price comparison: Googe shopping, Amazon)
>Coupon code  (TM + coupon)
>Product review (TM + review: BBB, sitejabber.com, resellerratings.com, trustpilot.com)
>Free Shipping
>Payment (PayPal, Credit Card, COD…)
>Return and Refund
>About us
>Customer Care

As a marketer:
>4P: product, price, promotion, place

>Basic Info
domain info    http://whois.domaintools.com/
Website info   https://archive.org/
Website tech   https://builtwith.com/
View source:   Title Tag, Meta Description, Keywords

Page load time:

Mobile friendly:


Site: domain.com

>SEM rush   https://www.semrush.com
Domain Analytics:
<Overreview, Organic Research, Backlinks, Advertising Research,
PLA Research. Display Advertising, Traffic Analytics

<verview: Organic/Paid search (keywords, volume, cpc), Back links,                                                            Main Competitors, Top anchors, Referring domains
<Traffic Analytics: Vists, Unique visits, Pages/visit, Avg. visit duration, Bounce rate
Traffic rank, Device (desktop/mobile)
<Traffic Sources: Direct, Referral, Search, Soical, Paid Search, Display Ads
<Geo Distribution
Keyword Analytics:
Overreview, Phrase Match, Related Keywords, Ad History

>Smiliar Web  https://similarweb.com
<Rank: Global/Country/ Category Rank
<Website Audience: Total Visits, Traffic Share (Desktop/Mobile Web, Monthly Visits
Avg. Visit Duration, Page/Visit, Bounce Rate
<Marketing Channel: Direct, Email, Referral, Social, Organic/Paid Search, Display Ads
<Search:  Organic/Paid, Branded/None-branded, search engines, search types
<Social: Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Others
<Display Advertising: Display Network, Top Publishers

<Home page
<Category page
<Product Page   (Product Recommendation)
<Checkout Page (Payment)
<Order Confirmation Page
<Search  Result Page  (search term recommendation)
<Registeration Page  (Email, Google, Facebook, Discount for New Users)
<Account Page (Coupon, Gift Card, Order Tracking)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (Fans and Engagements)

Blog, Photo, PR

Affiliate Program, Dropship Program, Wholesale Program, Student Discount



Author: bobzhang

know something about logistics, accounting, e-commerce, economics and literature.

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