When We Talk about an E-commerce Site

When we talk about an e-commerce website, what can I talk about?


As a Customer
Product+ Price (discount) + Service (review + shipping + return + payment) + Company Info

As a Marketer
4P + Web Analytics (traffic + Ads + page ) + SNS + Company Info + Partnerships

As a customer:

>Product price  (price comparison: Googe shopping, Amazon)
>Coupon code  (TM + coupon)
>Product review (TM + review: BBB, sitejabber.com, resellerratings.com, trustpilot.com)
>Free Shipping
>Payment (PayPal, Credit Card, COD…)
>Return and Refund
>About us
>Customer Care

As a marketer:

>4P: product, price, promotion, place

>Basic Info

domain info    http://whois.domaintools.com/
Website info   https://archive.org/
Website tech   https://builtwith.com/
View source:   Title Tag, Meta Description, Keywords


1. Page load time

2.Mobile friendly:

Google search:   Site: domain.com

SEM rush 

Domain Analytics:
1. Overview, Organic Research, Backlinks, Advertising Research,
PLA Research. Display Advertising, Traffic Analytics

2.Overview: Organic/Paid search (keywords, volume, CPC), Backlinks,                                                            Main Competitors, Top anchors, Referring domains

3.Traffic Analytics: Visits, Unique visits, Pages/Visit, Avg. visit duration, Bounce rate
Traffic rank, Device (desktop/mobile)

4. Traffic Sources: Direct, Referral, Search, Social, Paid Search, Display Ads

5.Geo Distribution


Keyword Analytics:
Overview, Phrase Match, Related Keywords, Ad History


Similar Web  

1.Rank: Global/Country/ Category Rank

2.Website Audience: Total Visits, Traffic Share (Desktop/Mobile Web, Monthly Visits
Avg. Visit Duration, Page/Visit, Bounce Rate


4.Marketing Channel: Direct, Email, Referral, Social, Organic/Paid Search, Display Ads
<Search:  Organic/Paid, Branded/None-branded, search engines, search types
<Social: Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Others
<Display Advertising: Display Network, Top Publishers


Home page
Category page
Product Page   (Product Recommendation)
Checkout Page (Payment)
Order Confirmation Page
Search  Result Page  (search term recommendation)
Registration Page  (Email, Google, Facebook, Discount for New Users)
Account Page (Coupon, Gift Card, Order Tracking)


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat …(Fans and Engagements)


Blog, Photo, PR


Affiliate Program, Dropship Program, Wholesale Program, Student Discount

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