Marketing Research and Report

Here is a collection of marketing research, industry report and digital marketing guide as well as my own study notes.

Feel Downlods! Hope it helps.


2017-2018 跨境出口电商互联网营销白皮书 by Morketing


“产品、物流、流量”:三个维度解析出口B2C电商 |36氪


Affiliate Marketing

The Big Affiliate Marketing Handbook by IAB

ADMITAD_Annual Report 2017-2018_EN_FINAL


PI-buyers guide-SaaS

STM forum What’s-working-in-2018-final



The AppsFlyer Performance Index 2018




47 Experts on the 2019 SEO Trends That Really Matter

Pepperjam SEO 101 for Publishers 2018.2.21


Backlinko_Skyscraper Technique Checklist



Pinterest Seasonal Insights-2019

The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement by BuzzSumo


Ad Tech



Marketing Technology Landscape | Martech 5000


Bob’s Work

Affiliate Marketing Guide by Bob

Amazon Category

eBay Category

Marketing Channels

Facebook Ads

Adwords Fundamental

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