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Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.072

1.The Economist | Could OpenAI be the next tech giant? 9.25

2.The Economist | TikTok is changing the way books are recommended and sold 9.21

3.Businessweek | Why Dollar General Might Just Be the Worst Retail Job in America 9.20

4.Businessweek | TikTok Shop Is a Real E-Commerce Threat 9.18

5.WSJ | Amazon’s New Challenge: Bargain Retailers That Are Playing a Different Game 9.22

6.WSJ | Amazon Searches for Its Next Big Hit 9.15

7.FT | Amazon to join peers with ads on streaming services 9.22


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.071

1.NYT | TikTok Popularizes Products. Can It Sell Them, Too? 9.12

2.财新 | TikTok在美国上线电商业务 测试阶段20万商家入驻 9.12

3.FT | EU fines TikTok €345mn for breaching children’s data rules 9.15

4.Modern Retail | Etsy seeks to drive more organic traffic through “Share & Save” program 9.11

5.The Economist | The plucky firms that are beating big tech 9.12

6.Businessweek | Google’s Dominance Over the Internet, Visualized 9.13

7.Bloomberg | TikTok Plans Steep Holiday Discounts, Bringing Amazon Price War 9.16


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.070

1.FT | Indonesia threatens to curb TikTok’s shopping platform 9.7

2.FT | Big Tech faces fresh legal obligations as Brussels lists services bound by new rules 9.6

3.FT | Meta axes support for news in Europe 9.6

4.财新周刊 | 到拉美去 9.1

5.The Economist | TikTok is wading into South-East Asia’s e-commerce wars 9.7

6.Modern Retail | After selling to CommentSold, Popshoplive is shifting its focus to live shopping for creators 9.8

7.Modern Retail | DTC Briefing: How brands are grappling with rising software costs 9.5


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.069

1.FT | UK publishers urge Rishi Sunak to safeguard intellectual property from AI 8.31

2.FT | Shorts risks cannibalising core YouTube business, say senior staff 9.3

3.The Economist | Amazon has Hollywood’s worst shows but its best business model 8.27

4.Modern Retail | Shopify ends standoff with Amazon on Buy With Prime, leaving merchants relieved 9.1

5.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: As it pushes into commerce, the TikTok agency strategy shifts 8.31

6.Digiday | Why virtual influencers have died off despite the AI boom that has a chokehold on the industry 8.31

7.NYT | Taxes, Drugs and … TikTok? 9.2


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.068

1.WSJ  | Shein Strikes Deal With Forever 21 8.24

2.WSJ |  Nvidia Sales Surge as AI Boom Lifts Earnings 8.23

3.WSJ | Juul to Lay Off 30% of Staff as Vaping Pioneer Seeks More Cash 8.23

4.FT |  Tech giants race to alter online operations as EU digital rules bite

5.FT | Why pixels are popping up in fashion 8.22

6.财新周刊 |  B站盈利怪圈 8.28

7.BusinessWeek | Sorry, But LinkedIn Is Cool Now 8.22


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.067

1.FT | iPhone maker Foxconn’s cautious pivot to India shows limits of ‘China plus one’8.14

2.WSJ | Retailers Are Fleeing Downtown San Francisco. IKEA Is Moving In 8.19

3.WSJ | The Battle to Ban TikTok and the Man at the Center of It 8.20

4.财新周刊 | 蔚来变奏 8.19

5.BusinessWeek | Sam’s Club’s War Against Costco Started With $1.38 Hot Dog Combo 8.17

6.Modern Retailer | Amazon sellers welcome its decision to scale back private-label brands 8.14

7.Bloomberg | Amazon Offers Influencers $25 Per Video, Sparking Chorus of LOLs 8.17


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.066

1.FT | TikTok takes on Shopee and Tokopedia in Asean ecommerce race 8.10

2.FT | Meta disbands protein-folding team in shift towards commercial AI 8.8

3.财新周刊 | 京东突围 8.14

4.Modern Retail | How apparel retailers are trying to court price-conscious parents during another inflationary back-to-school season 8.9

5.Modern Retail | DTC Briefing: The IPO market is slowly starting to normalize for consumer startups 8.8

6.Digiday | Unveiling uncertainty: Insights from Linda Yaccarino’s interview on X’s (formerly Twitter) direction under Elon Musk 8.10

7.BusinessInsider | The rise and fall of Allbirds: The sneaker brand’s plan for redemption might just be working 8.12


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.065

1.FT | Meta prepares chatbots with personas to try to retain users 8.1

2.WSJ | 亚马逊财季利润意外强劲,受零售业务改善提振 8.4

3.财新 | 跨境电商平台争夺工厂类卖家 全托管模式风起 8.2

4.财新 | 外贸产业带推跨境电商转型 考验柔性生产能力 8.1

5.FT | WPP cuts revenue forecast as US tech spending slows 8.4

6.Digiday | What X — the artist formerly known as Twitter — needs from a head of brand safety 8.3

7.CNBC | Amazon employees leak secret info that marketplace sellers can buy on Telegram 8.1


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.064

1.WSJ | TikTok Wants to Sell Made-in-China Goods to Americans 7.25

2.Modern Retail | Why the U.S. fast-fashion market is at the heart of Temu and Shein’s lawsuits 7.25

3.The Economist | Regulation could disrupt the booming “kidfluencer” business 7.27

4.WSJ | China-Founded Rivals Shein and Temu Ramp Up War for American Shoppers 7.30

5.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: TikTok’s e-commerce ambitions point to U.S. weaknesses 7.27

6. Modern Retail | Shopify’s latest product updates focus on AI tools to entice smaller merchants 7.26

7.Digiday | How Google, Meta and Snap’s battle with TikTok in short-form video is playing out 7.28


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.063

1.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: Key takeaways from Prime Day 2023 7.13

2.WSJ | How Allbirds Lost Its Way 7.16

3.Modern Retail | DTC Briefing: The DTC bottom is finally falling out 7.18

4.FT | Chinese fast-fashion rivals Temu and Shein take ‘war’ for US to court 7.19

5.FT | Meta unfriends the news industry in growing rift with publishers 7.20

6.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: After Prime Day, sellers worry about rising holiday fees and expenses 7.20

7.财新周刊 | 中国汽车“出海”冲击波 7.24


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.062

1.Modern Retail | Fast-fashion retailers like Zara & H&M are introducing higher-margin brands into their assortments 7.11

2.财新周刊 | 电商鏖战东南亚 7.17

3.BusinessWeek | What If the Next Big Social Media App Is … Nothing? 7.13

4.BusinessWeek | Influencer Backlash Is the Latest Threat to Fast-Fashion Giant Shein’s IPO Plans 7.12

5.Adobe | Adobe Analytics: Prime Day drove record U.S. online spending, bolstered by deep discounts 7.13

6.NYT | In Hollywood, the Strikes Are Just Part of the Problem 7.15

7.FT | Silicon Valley start-ups explore sales as funding runs dry 7.14


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.061

1.WSJ |New FTC Guidelines Could Prompt Marketers, Influencers to Revisit Endorsement Practices 7.4

2.Marketplace Pluse | Google Kills Its Shopping Marketplace 7.5

3.The Economist | The Musk-Zuckerberg social-media smackdown 7.4

4.FT | Twitter threatens trade secrets lawsuit over Meta’s Threads app 7.7

5.FT |Who’s behind all those weird product ads on Twitter? 7.7

6.WSJ | Shein Takes on Amazon in the Business of Selling Everything 7.8

7.Mordern Retail | Amazon Briefing: Brands are taking Prime Day promotions and discounts off the marketplace 7.6


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.060

1,Reuter | China’s Shein files for U.S. IPO  6.29

2.RetailDive | Shein denies report of filed IPO 6.30

3.FT |  Google to pull its news service from Canada 6.30

4.FT | Advertising industry seeks refunds over YouTube skippable ads  6.29

5.The Economist | Our early-adopters index examines how corporate America is deploying AI 6.25

6.Mordern Retail |  Big-box retailers are once again set to host weeklong events against Prime Day this year 7.3

7.WSJ | Mark Zuckerberg Looks to Deliver Hit to Elon Musk With Upcoming Twitter Clone Named Threads 7.3


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.059

1.FT | TikTok prepares ‘Project S’ plan to break into online shopping 6.21

2. WSJ | Musk vs. Zuckerberg: The Billionaire Bout for the Social-Media Age 6.22

3.Businessweek | The Problem With Fashion’s Sustainability Push: It Doesn’t Make Much Money 6.22

4.CNBC | Shein and Temu violate U.S. tariff law and evade human rights reviews on imports, House report says 6.23

5.Mordern Retail | What the FTC lawsuit against Amazon means for the company 6.23

6.FT | Advertising groups look to their own creative transformations at Cannes 6.24

7.FT | TikTok turns to south-east Asia to drive new growth 6.25


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.058

1.36氪 | Temu上半年GMV逼近30亿美元,整体亏损率约60% 6.17

2.WSJ | Talk of a U.S. TikTok Ban Is Shaking Up the Creator Economy 6.18

3.FT | Reddit stands firm in clash with users as blackout on forums escalates 6.17

4.Businessweek | Spotify Takes a Sharp Turn With Its $1 Billion Podcast Division 6.14

5.Businessweek | ByteDance Wants to Build an Everything App to Rival WeChat 6.14

6.Modern Retail | Amazon is once again letting Prime brands fulfill products themselves 6.15

7.The Verge | Twitch’s new Partner Plus tier outlines what it takes to get a 70 / 30 revenue sharing split 6.15


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.057

1.The Economist | Apple’s Vision Pro is a technical marvel. Will anyone buy it? 6.6

2.Bloomberg | TikTok Eyes $20 Billion Commerce Business Despite US Setback 6.8

3.Modern Retail | After years of focusing on DTC, Nike is quietly bringing more wholesale partners back into the fold 6.9

4.Modern Retail | Reddit introduces new ad capabilities to help brands better target communities 6.9

5.WSJ | Amazon Plans Ad Tier for Prime Video Streaming Service 6.7

6.Businessweek | The Netflix Effect Chills Foreign Content Creators 6.8

7.WSJ | TikTok’s Star D’Amelio Family Starts New Venture to Boost Influencers 6.9


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.056

1.WSJ | 中国快时尚巨头Shein融资20亿美元,但估值下降了三分之一 5.18

2.WSJ | Shein崛起助推快时尚回归 5.31

3.Wired | Temu Is Losing Millions of Dollars to Send You Cheap Socks 5.26

4.财新周刊 | 拼多多逆市增长 6.5

5.FT | WPP teams up with Nvidia to use generative AI in advertising 5.29

6.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: Smaller brands continue to feel pushed out of 1P as margins get squeezed 6.1

7.财经杂志 | 果链外迁,一场豪赌 5.29


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.055

1.Modern Retail | Shein bets on third-party marketplace, pop-ups to grow its following in the U.S. 5.23

2.Modern Retail | A timeline of Amazon’s efforts to curb counterfeit selling 5.23

3.The Economist | Meta gets whacked with a €1.2bn penalty 5.25

4.FT | Reliance seeks retail dominance in India with comeback deal for Shein 5.26

5.FT |‘Genshin Impact’ maker aims for Tencent’s China gaming crown 5.29

6.财新周刊 | 阿里分家 5.29

7.Businessweek | Adidas After Yeezy 5.25


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.054

1.FT | TikTok faces first US state ban in Montana 5.18

2. Modern Retail | Meta announces new ‘Promotional ads’ tool to highlight deals 5.18

3.FT | Twitter no longer ‘high risk’ after new chief hired, says top ad group 5.19

4.FT | Amazon falls behind Walmart in battle for India’s online shoppers 5.21

5.WSJ | Meta Fined $1.3 Billion Over Data Transfers to U.S. 5.22

6.财新周刊 | OPPO芯猝死 5.20

7.Businessweek | Apple’s New Headset Meets Reality 5.18


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.053

1.WSJ | TikTok Delays Full Opening of U.S. Shop 5.10

2.NYT | The Companies Trying to Make Live Shopping a Thing in the U.S. 5.10

3.SEL | The new Google Search Generative Experience: Here’s what it looks like 5.10

4.财新周刊 | 封面报道 | 出口大趋势 5.12

5.Modern Retail | As retail media continues to grow, Meta & Google announce new AI-powered ad products 5.12

6.FT | Linda Yaccarino: an advertising veteran enters the wild world of Musk’s Twitter 5.13

7.FT | Chinese tech entrepreneurs go on global offensive 5.15

Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.052

1.FT | Pinduoduo owner moves headquarters to Ireland amid US-China tensions 5.4

2.FT | TikTok spied on me. Why? 5.5

3.The Economist | Why MercadoLibre keeps soaring as other e-emporiums sink 5.4

4.财新周刊 | 视频号:腾讯重燃电商野望 5.6

5.Businessweek | Amazon ‘Aggregators’ Who Raised $16 Billion Are Teetering 5.3

6.WSJ | TikTok Is Launching Ad Product for Publishers and Giving Them 50% Cut 5.3

7.WSJ | Google Plans to Make Search More ‘Personal’ with AI Chat and Video Clips 5.6


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.051

1.FT | Big Tech earnings resilient as sector gears up for AI boom 4.28

2.FT | Tencent accelerates investment in overseas gaming studios 4.26

3.FT | Google advertising bounces back with return to revenue growth 4.26

4.Businessweek | Walmart Is Using AI to Negotiate the Best Price With Some Vendors 4.26

5.WSJ | To Binge or Not to Binge? Netflix, HBO Max Debate How to Release Your Favorite Shows 5.2

6.WSJ | Elon Musk Tries to Direct AI—Again 5.1

7.Modern Retail | How live shopping is shaping the future of retail 5.2


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.050

1.FT | Google to deploy generative AI to create sophisticated ad campaigns 4.20

2.FT | Closure of BuzzFeed News marks end of an era for digital media 4.21

3.WSJ | Bed Bath & Beyond Files for Bankruptcy 4.23

4.WSJ | TikTok Ban Divides Young and Old, Democrats and Republicans, WSJ Poll Finds 4.24

5.Modern Retail | Some brands pull back on Pinterest ad spend because of weak performance metrics 4.21

6.Modern Retail | Shein is hiring to build its U.S. marketplace 4.21

7.财新周刊 | 中国电商北美遇阻 4.22


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.049

1. WSJ | Online Shopping’s Fast-Delivery Race Is Slowing Down 4.12

2. The Economist |  ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese parent, reports a record profit 4.13

3. FT | How Discord became the place to leak US government secrets 4.14

4.FT |  OpenAI’s red team: the experts hired to ‘break’ ChatGPT 4.14

5.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: The new Amazon playbook for growing online startups 4.13

6.财新 |  美国会下属机构点名SHEIN、Temu 电商公司海外临挑战 4.15

7. Modern Retail | More DTC brands are entering warehouse clubs 4.17


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.048

1.FT | Brands increase TikTok spending despite threat of US ban 4.6

2.FT |  TikTok censured for misusing children’s data 4.4

3.WSJ |  Google CEO on AI, the Future of Search, Efficiency and Battling Microsoft 4.8

4.WSJ | The Social Media Rise and Crash of Olaplex 4.6

5.BusinessWeek |  10 Companies to Watch  Q2 2023

6.财新周刊  | 义乌外贸冷与暖 4.7

7.财新周刊 |  淘金沙特 4.8


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.047

1.WSJ  | That Style, Again? How Shopping Got So Boring 4.2

2. FT |  Elon Musk and other tech experts call for ‘pause’ on advanced AI systems 3.29

3.FT |  Apple launches ‘buy now, pay later’ service in the US 3.29

4.Modern Retail | How Wish is trying to reinvent itself by focusing on product quality and retention 3.29

5. Digiday | Media Briefing: Publishers share their biggest challenges and opportunities at the Digiday Publishing Summit 3.30

6. The Verge | April Fools’ Day 2023: the best and cringiest pranks 4.1

7.The Economist | Big tech and the pursuit of AI dominance 3.26


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.046

1.WSJ | Have the Ads in Your Twitter Feed Changed? There’s a Reason for That 3.17

2.财新周刊 | 元宇宙“退烧” 3.25

3.FT |  Google launches Bard chatbot to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.21

4.WSJ | Why Chinese Apps Are the Favorites of Young Americans 3.26

5.WSJ | The Winners and Losers if the U.S. Bans TikTok 3.24

6.The Economist |  How TikTok broke social media 3.21

7.Digiday |  Short-form video needs better monetization, creator funds aren’t the way to do it 3.24


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.045

1.WSJ |  Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Faces South Africa Probe Over Import Practices 3.13

2.Modern Retail |  How Shein and Temu are approaching expansion beyond the U.S.  3.14

3.WSJ | U.S. Threatens Ban if TikTok’s Chinese Owners Don’t Sell Stakes 3.15

4.FT | UK joins EU, Canada and US in government device TikTok ban 3.16

5.BusinessWeek | Inside TikTok’s Fight to Avoid a US Ban 3.16

6. FT | Start-ups learn the hard way how to manage cash after SVB’s collapse  3.19

7.财新周刊 | 封面报道 | 硅谷银行危机:起点还是终点 3.2 0


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.044

1.Reuters | Shein, Temu in fierce fight over US market for $10 dresses 3.9

2.财新周刊 | 航运业:“空箱”背后的巨变 3.13

3.The Economist | How China Inc is tackling the TikTok problem 3.7

4.Businessweek| US Apparel Companies Can’t See a Future Without China 3.10

5.BoF | Are DTC Brands Pulling Off Brick-and-Mortar? 3.10

6.RetailDive | Allbirds CFO exits as the brand pulls back on store openings 3.9

7.Modern Retail | Modern Retail Research: Instagram beats TikTok as brands’ main platform for driving conversions 3.10


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.043

1.财新周刊 | 封面报道:抖音略地 3.6

2.财新周刊 | TikTok:“刀尖”上的全球化 3.6

3.FT |  Can TikTok convince the world it is not a tool for China? 3.4

4.WSJ | Elon Musk’s Latest Reveal? His Tesla Management Team 3.4

5.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: Amazon’s Today program wants to use other retail stores for same-day delivery 3.2

6.TechCrunch |  Inside the metaverse hype train at MWC 2023  3.4

7.The Verge | Meet the companies trying to keep up with ChatGPT 3.6


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.042

1.FT |  The struggle for the soul of the B Corp movement  2.19

2.Modern Retail  | After a successful Super Bowl ad, Temu’s growth is outpacing rivals like Target  2.21

3.The Economist |  A warning from Walmart about the health of the American consumer 2.21

4.FT | Meta’s AI-driven advertising system splits marketers  2.28

5.WSJ |  Apple’s iPhones Winning Over Gen Z—and the World’s Premium Market

6.WSJ | Canada Follows U.S., Europe With TikTok Ban on Government Devices 2.27

7. 财新周刊 | 中国最大纺织商圈“去与留” 2.25


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.041

1.FT | China plays catch-up to ChatGPT as hype builds around AI 2.20

2.财新周刊 | 物流“出海”进行时 2.20

3.财新周刊 | ChatGPT会颠覆谁 2.20

4.The Verge | Instagram is getting rid of live shopping 2.14

5.FT | Shein gives investors lofty revenue projections as it prepares for IPO 2.17

6.FT | YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki to step down 2.17

7.Modern Retail | Shopify earnings signal a tough road ahead as revenue growth slows and losses widen 2.15


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.040

1.FT|  Can this man turn Amazon around? 2.13

2. Time | Temu Advertised at the Super Bowl. What to Know About the Ecommerce App 2.12

3.The Economist | The battle for internet search 2.9

4. The Economist |  Is Google’s 20-year dominance of search in peril? 2.8

5. Businessweek |  The Shopping Tech That Helps Influencers Make Money 2.8

6. Modern Retail | Forever 21 is banking on brick-and-mortar and TikTok to fuel its comeback 2.7

7. CNN |  More than half of Twitter’s top 1,000 advertisers stopped spending on platform, data show 2.10


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.039

1.The Economist |  Things are looking up for Meta  2.2

2.FT |  Search wars reignited by artificial intelligence breakthroughs 2.6

3.FT | Google’s advertising sales fall in sharper than expected slowdown 2.3

4.FT|  YouTube Shorts takes on TikTok in battle for younger users 2.1

5. Modern Retail | Valentine’s Day collabs are back in full swing 2.7

6. Mordern Retail | The digital ad market is in a slump 2.7

7.WSJ | Social Media Gets Even Less Pinteresting 2.6


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.038

1.BOF | What Happens When Digital Brands Have to Cut Back on Marketing  1.26

2. The Economist | Can Amazon deliver again 1.26

3.WSJ | BuzzFeed to Use ChatGPT Creator OpenAI to Help Create Quizzes and Other Content 1.26

4.FT | How will Google solve its AI conundrum 1.26

5.Businessweek | OpenAI Needs Billions to Keep ChatGPT Running. Enter Microsoft  1.26

6. Businessweek | DoubleClick Deal Started ‘Google’s March to Monopoly,’ US Says 1.25

7.FT | Generative AI: how will the new era of machine learning affect you? 1.25


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.037

1.WSJ  | How TikTok Could Become a U.S. Company 1.24

2.Modern Retail |  DTC Briefing: As VCs get more selective, startups face a bifurcated fundraising process  1.24

3.The Economist | Big business is in for a rough earnings season 1.22

4.The Economist | As Disney turns 100, its business is on a rollercoaster ride 1.19

5.Businessweek |  What Tech Job Cuts Say About Silicon Valley—and the Rest of the Economy 1.18

6. FT |  Can Big Tech make livestreams safe? 1.22

7. FT | Shein in talks on fundraising that would slash valuation from $100bn to $64bn  1.19


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.036

1.WSJ | How Adobe Became One of America’s Most Valuable Tech Companies  1.12

2. Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: ‘We barely have any margins anymore’: As Amazon prioritizes profit, 1P brands face a crunch 1.12

3.The Economist | Investments in ports foretell the future of global commerce  1.14

4.FT |  Alibaba enlists academics in lobbying effort to restore reputation 1.14

5.FT | Microsoft’s $10bn bet on ChatGPT developer marks new era of AI 1.16

6.The Economist | How the young spend their money 1.16

7. Digiday | Ad spending on TikTok defies advertising slowdown 1.17


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.035

1.WSJ |  谷歌和Meta的数字广告主导地位下降,因TikTok和Netflix崛起  1.4

2.Modern Retail | ‘The duopoly has been disrupted’: Why 2023 could be a huge year for retail media  1.5

3.The Economist | How technology is redrawing the boundaries of the firm  1.8

4. Businessweek |  50 Companies to Watch in 2023  1.8

5. Businessweek | Google and Meta Are Losing Their Grip on the Digital Ad Market  1.10

6.FT  | TikTok undercuts social media rivals with cheap ads in battle for growth 1.10

7.Steven Sinofsky |  CES 2023 — More Business, Less Spectacle


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.034

1.财新周刊 | 封面报道:如何稳增长 1.2

2.财新周刊  | 结束的开始,开始的结束:2022 视觉盘点 1.2

3. 晚点 |  晚点,2022 1.2

4.FT  | Shopify in advertising push to fill void left by Apple privacy crackdown  1.2

5. The Economist |  The World Ahead 2023  12.27

6.WSJ  | 2022年令初创企业伤痕累累,但2023年仍然乌云密布  1.3

7. FT | Business trends, risks and people to watch in 2023  1.2


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.033

1.Marketplace Pulse | Marketplace Pulse Year in Review 2022 12.21

2.FT | TikTok admits tracking FT journalist in leaks investigation 12.23

3.Forbes | EXCLUSIVE: TikTok Spied On Forbes Journalists 12.22

4.FT | Amazon hit by ECJ ruling on online sale of counterfeit goods 12.20

5.Modern Retail | DTC Briefing: The 3 biggest e-commerce stories in 2022 12.20

6.WSJ | YouTube Paying Roughly $2 Billion a Year for NFL Sunday Ticket 12.22

7.BusinessWeek | Bloomberg 50: The People and Ideas That Defined Global Business in 2022 12.14


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.032

1.WSJ | Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Explores Becoming Online Marketplace12.12

2.BusinessWeek | TikTok’s Problem Child Has 7 Million Followers and One Proud Mom 12.12

3.FT | What if TikTok really just wants to sell you stuff? 12.16

4.财新周刊 | 留住富士康 12.19

5.FT | Apple moves to open up App Store as tough EU laws loom 12.17

6.WSJ | Bob Iger vs. Bob Chapek: Inside the Disney Coup 12.17

7. Modern Retail | Why more Amazon sellers are looking to bring their products to rival marketplaces in 2023 12.15


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.031

1.WSJ  | Amazon Launches TikTok-Style Feed in Push to Accelerate Social Shopping  12.8

2.Modern Retail |  How Amazon’s cash advance program is part of a new wave of financing 12.8

3. WSJ | Amazon’s Quest for the ‘Holy Grail’ of Robotics 12.3

4.BusinessWeek |  Amazon Is Running Out of Warehouse Workers. Cue the Robots 12.6

5.The Economist  | Artificial intelligence is permeating business at last 12.6

6.FT  | Investors seek to profit from groundbreaking ‘generative AI’ start-ups  12.10

7.WSJ  | Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Is in Its Early Chapters, But a Book Is Already Coming  12.7


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.030

1.BusinessWeek | TikTok’s Viral Challenges Keep Luring Young Kids to Their Deaths 11.30

2.FT | Amazon’s hardware teams first to face axe as tech giant downsizes 12.1

3.Modern Retail | DTC Briefing: Takeaways from this year’s Black Friday results 11.29

4.Modern Retail |  Economic turmoil and a reporting outage led to a chaotic Black Friday and Cyber Monday  12.1

5.FT | Alibaba founder Jack Ma living in Tokyo since China’s tech crackdown  11.29

6.WSJ | From CNN to Paramount, Media Companies Cut Jobs as Pressures Mount 12.3

7.BusinessWeek | Can Duolingo Actually Teach You Spanish? 12.2


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.029

1.FT  | TikTok enlists tech start-ups to boost struggling ecommerce platform  11.27

2.FT | ‘Amazon of Africa’ Jumia restructures after ousting co-founders 11.24

3. FT |  How retailers are reshaping the advertising industry 11.23

4. FT | Advertisers binge on online video 11.23

5.WSJ  | Tech Companies Were Thriving, Now They’re Laying Off Thousands. Here’s Why. 11.18

6. WSJ  | Why Black Friday Shoppers Didn’t Find Door-Buster Deals This Year  11.25

7. WSJ | These Children Are Making Millions on YouTube  11.26


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.028

1.TechCrunch |  YouTube Shorts begins testing shopping features and affiliate marketing 11.16

2.FT | Xiaohongshu sheds up to half its implied value in private markets 11.20

3. FT |  OnlyFans to offer shopping features as it competes for influencers  11.17

4.BusinessWeek | How Apple Stores Went From Geek Paradise to Union Front Line 11.14

5. BusinessWeek |  Meta Confronts an Apple-Sized Hole in Its Once-Mighty Advertising Business 11.17

6.BusinessWeek | Sears Limps Through What Could Be Its Final Holiday Season  11.18

7. Modern Retail | What Amazon layoffs say about its changing priorities 11.17


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.027

1.BusinessWeek | Retailers in the US Push Big Holiday Discounts to Ease Inventory Avalanche 11.8

2. FT | Meta cuts 11,000 staff in largest cull in company’s history 11.9

3.FT | TikTok slashes global revenue targets by at least $2bn 11.9

4.WSJ | E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Reports Weak Singles Day Sales Growth  11.11

5.WSJ | Amazon, in Broad Cost-Cutting Review, Weighs Changes at Alexa and Other Unprofitable Units 11.10

6.WSJ | TikTok Hires Former NBA CMO as Its New Marketing Chief 11.8

7.NYT  | Two Weeks of Chaos: Inside Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter 11.11


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.026

1.FT | Shein copycats chase its explosive growth 11.2

2.WSJ | Layoffs Hit Tech Sector With Force as Amazon, Lyft Warn of Economic Downturn 11.3

3.财新周刊  | 特别报道 | 硅谷裁员潮 11.5

4.WSJ | TikTok’s Stratospheric Rise: An Oral History 11.5

5.FT | From Grab to Sea, Asean tech confronts end of golden decade 11.7

6.WSJ | General Mills, Audi and Pfizer Join Growing List of Companies Pausing Twitter Ads 11.3

7.Modern Retail | Advertisers are still waiting and seeing about Amazon’s NFL prospects 11.3


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.025

1. WSJ | Fast-Fashion Juggernaut Shein’s Sales Close In on Zara, H&M 10.28

2.Thred | New documentary goes undercover inside SHEIN’s factories  10.20

3.财新周刊 | 全球贸易降温 10.29

4.Businessweek |  When Netflix and HBO Turned on Each Other, They Forged a New Era of Television 10.28

5.WSJ | Subscriptions Could Be Key to Social-Media Companies’ Futures 10.30

6. FT |  ‘Mischief and delay’: How Musk and Twitter finally sealed the deal  10.30

7. FT | Who killed the social media ad boom 10.29


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.024

1.BuzzFeed | Shein Launched A Resale Platform Days After An Investigation Shed Light On Just How Bad The Brand Is For The Environment 10.22

2.Time | Why TikTok Shopping Could Flop in the U.S. 10.15

3.Digiday |  Here is how much TikTok, Meta and other social platforms are paying creators 10.22

4.WSJ | Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms Are Embracing Ads—but Will the Advertisers Love Them Back 10.18

5.FT |  Ebay pins hopes on second-hand luxuries and collectibles 10.22

6.ModernRetail |  Why the FTC is trying to crack down on fake reviews on e-commerce sites  10.21

7.WSJ | Kroger-Albertsons Merger Would Create a Big Player in Retail Advertising 10.14


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.023

1. 财新周刊 |  国美残局  10.15

2.财新周刊 |  特别报道 | 欧洲凛冬将至 10.17

3.Axios | TikTok chases Amazon with plans for U.S. fulfillment centers 10.11

4.FT  | Amazon tries to revive ecommerce business with additional Prime Day 10.11

5.WSJ |  Low-Price Apparel Chains Lure Inflation-Weary Shoppers 10.16

6.WSJ | Company Documents Show Meta’s Flagship Metaverse Falling Short  10.15

7. Businessweek  | The Great Post-Covid Online Shopping Bet Was a Costly Delusion  10.11

8. Businessweek  | UK Retailers in Christmas Crisis Mode Are Offering Bargains Galore 10.12


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.022

1.FT |  Shein sheds up to one-third of its value in stake sales 10.7

2.WSJ |  TikTok Parent ByteDance Sees Losses Swell in Push for Growth  10.6

3.财新周刊 | TikTok 如何赚钱 10.10

4.财新周刊 | 互联网闯出去  10.10

5.The Economist |  Fashion gets a modern makeover 10.6

6.Businessweek | Adidas Seeks New Boss to Bring Buzz to Brand and Bottom Line  10.7

7.ModernRetail | Macy’s is the latest department store chain to test out a third-party marketplace 10.3


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.021

1.晚点 |  Sea 急刹车:东南亚最大科技公司的动荡九月 9.29

2. FT | TikTok to launch live shopping in US using outsourced technology 10.1

3. WSJ  | Mark Zuckerberg Freezes Hiring at Facebook-Parent Meta 9.29

4.ModernRetail | Amazon Briefing: Amazon sellers may have an inventory problem this holiday season 9.29

5.ModernRetail | How Walmart’s new advertising partnerships take direct aim at Amazon  9.22

6.Digiday |  Why Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have stepped back from social commerce 9.16

7.Digiday | Publishers are struggling to keep commerce shops open, but creating brand identity in products holds promise 9.19


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.020

1.The Economist  | The $300bn Google-Meta advertising duopoly is under attack  9.18

2.ModernRetail  | Pinduoduo’s U.S. app Temu is growing — but it faces a tough road ahead  9.19

3.Digiday | Digiday+ Research: What are publishers’ priorities heading into Q4?  9.23

4.FT |  Pinterest admits site was not safe before death of British teen Molly Russell 9.23

5.FT |  Instagram allowed self-harm images so people could ‘cry for help’, inquest hears  9.24

6.FT | TikTok bans political campaign fundraising on its platform  9.22

7.FT | Companies that buy Amazon marketplace sellers suffer as dealmaking dries up 9.20


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.019

1.ModernRetail  | Shopify introduces new features to help businesses sell internationally  9.14

2.ModernRetail | Amazon Briefing: At Accelerate conference, Amazon unveils new tools to help sellers grow  9.15

3.Businessweek  | Sea’s Retail Arm Pulls Out of Argentina in Latin America Retreat 9.9

4.Businessweek | Startups Are Borrowing More as the Easy Venture Capital Money Vanishes 9.12

5.WSJ | Adobe, Figma Deal Signals New Era in Collaboration, Productivity 9.15

6.FT | After the tech sell-off: will growth investors keep the faith 9.14

7.FT  | Amazon sued by California over ‘anti-competitive’ pricing policies 9.15


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.018

1.财新  | 上半年跨境电商卖家业绩普遍惨淡 部分企业缩减规模自救9.8

2.财新周刊 |  跨境电商浪淘沙  9.12

3.FT | Irish regulator fines Instagram €405mn for failing to protect children’s data  9.6

4.WSJ | Juul to Pay $438.5 Million to Settle Probe Over Underage Vaping  9.6

5.FT | Apple plans to double its digital advertising business workforce 9.5

6.The Economist | The ugly truth about young beauty brands’ business model  9.8

7.ModernRetail  | Why brands aren’t surprised about Instagram’s commerce about-face  9.9


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.017

1.Businessweek | Amazon Is Still Trying to Digest Whole Foods  8.31

2.FT | Snap to cut 20% of staff as it scales back ambitions 9.1

3.FT  | Apple overtakes Android to pass 50% share of smartphones used in US  9.2

4.WSJ  | China’s Pinduoduo Quietly Launches U.S. E-Commerce Site Temu  9.2

5.The Economist | The tech winners and losers of the pandemic 9.1

6.ModernRetail | Best Buy comp sales drop 12.1% as shoppers cut back on electronics  8.30

7.ModernRetail | Amazon Briefing: Despite years of investments, many Amazon grocery sellers still face uphill battles 9.1


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.016

1.Reuters | U.S. retailers slash clothing prices as shoppers cut purchases  8.26

2.WSJ | Inventory Pileup, Uneasy Shoppers Put Retailers in Jeopardy  8.28

3. FT | Apple’s return-to-office order sparks anxiety among tech workers  8.24

4.The Economist | South-East Asia’s tech firms take a battering  8.25

5.RetailDive |  Mid-year checkup: What retail execs are saying about inflation, inventory and more  8.24

6. ModernRetail | E-commerce brands experiment with new discounts to woo price-conscious shoppers  8.23

7.ModernRetail | As inflation crushes growth, DTC brands let go of lofty goals  8.26


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.015

1.Businessweek |  Facebook Is Still Making Billions as Zuckerberg Hits the Panic Button  8.8

2. Businessweek | Mark Zuckerberg’s Sheryl Sandberg Replacement Has Long Been Meta’s Top Fixer  8.11

3.FT  | Digital advertising: Apple takes bigger bite of new business  8.15

4.Reuters |  Walmart explores matchmaker marketplace for social media influencers  8.19

5. TechCrunch |  Shopify launches Collabs, a new way for creators to earn revenue on the platform  8.16

6.WSJ | Amazon Tests TikTok-Like Feed in App  8.17

7. ModernRetail | ‘Why am I doing FBA?’ Sellers mull over how to manage Amazon’s holiday peak fulfillment fee  8.22


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.014

1.CBInsights | The D2C Survival Guide: 5 direct-to-consumer companies that faced disaster — and what other brands can learn from them about business models, culture, and scaling  8.10

2.FT |  Social media’s big bet: the shopping revolution will be livestreamed  8.11

3.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: Aggregators search for growth in other marketplaces with a selective deal strategy  8.11

4.CNBC  | Clothing subscriptions like Stitch Fix were once hot – but now might be the victims of ‘box fatigue’  8.12

5.WSJ |  Consumers Are Still Spending on Fun  8.13

6.WSJ  | YouTube Advances Plans for Streaming Video Marketplace  8.12

7.FT | Small businesses count cost of Apple’s privacy changes  8.9


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.013

1.WSJ | Advertising Slowdown Spreads Beyond Tech Giants to Hit TV Networks, Publishers 8.7

2.FT | Amazon acquires Roomba maker iRobot for $1.7bn 8.5

3.FT |  The future of global retail will be local  8.4

4. FT |  ‘Perfect storm’ wipes nearly $400bn off value of large US media groups this year 8.4

5.Digiday |  Global economic crisis sparks reappraisal of online ad spending by brand marketers 8.2

6. Modern Retail | How the affiliate marketing playbook has evolved for DTC brands  8.4

7. Retail Dive | Fallen unicorns: 9 retailers that have recoiled from sky-high valuations 8.3


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.012

1.Digiday | The global ad spending slowdown is real as online media platforms brace for downturn  7.29

2.The Economist | The online-ad industry is being shaken up  7.28

3.FT | Facebook parent Meta reports first decline in revenue  7.28

4. WSJ | Shopify Says It Will Lay Off 10% of Workers, Sending Shares Lower  7.26

5.Glossy| Glossier goes full omnichannel with Sephora partnership  7.26

6.Insider| Leaked documents show Amazon is planning another two-day Prime Day sales bonanza for October amid slowing e-commerce growth  7.27

7.FT | Alibaba scales back global expansion plan to rival Amazon  7.26


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.011

1.FT |Amazon to acquire One Medical for $3.9bn  7.22

2. WSJ | How to Spot Fake Reviews and Shady Ratings on Amazon 7.20

3. WSJ | Seven Things You Should Know to Understand the Supply Chain  7.22

4. WSJ | Bed Bath & Beyond Followed a Winning Playbook—and Lost  7.23

5.Businessweek  | EU Rules on Messaging Apps Raise Alarms on Personal Privacy  7.20

6. FT  Instagram now most popular news source among British teens 7.21

7.FT | Snap shares plummet as advertising demand slumps  7.22

8. FT | Big tech hits the pause button on hiring   7.22


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.010

1.Businessweek | Fast-Fashion Behemoth Shein Says It’s Cleaning Up Its Act. Will Anyone Buy It?  7.14

2.MarketplacePulse  | Shopify Prime Day  7.12

3.Modern Retail  | After spending years on the sidelines, more startups are participating in Prime Day  7.12

4. WSJ | No Prime Day for Walmart  7.12

5. WSJ | Amazon Sells More Than 300 Million Items During Prime Day  7.14

6.Modern Retail | Amazon Briefing: Takeaways from this year’s Prime Day  7.14

7.Businessweek | Gap Back at Square One as It Looks to Replace Fired CEO  7.14

8.财新周刊 | 从互联网大厂“毕业”后  7.16


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.009

1.People vs Algorithms | Ecommerce Myths 7.7

2.FT |  Amazon pins hopes on influencers to crack livestream shopping  market 7.7

3.FT |  TikTok abandons ecommerce expansion in Europe and US  7.5

4.Modern Retail | How Adore Me is experimenting with livestream commerce 7.1

5.NFR  | 2022 Top 100 US Retailers   7.6

6.WSJ  | Google Offers Concessions to Fend Off U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit  7.8


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.008

1.FT | Shopify: Amazon-like ecommerce expansion comes with big bills  6.30

2.WSJ  | China’s Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Faces Dozens of Lawsuits Alleging Design Theft  7.3

3. 财新周刊  | 直播电商“下半场”  7.1

4.Business Insider |  Everything to know about Amazon’s ad business, which is $31 billion and growing  6.15

5.Business Insider | DTC darling Allbirds is now trading under $5 as investors demand profits over buzz  6.30

6.WSJ  | Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Mark Tritton Exits as Sales Plunge 6.29

7.WSJ  | Tech Giants Pour Billions Into AI, but Hype Doesn’t Always Match Reality  6.29


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.007

1.WSJ | Amazon’s Prime Day Isn’t Quite the Blockbuster It Once Was  6.26

2.ModernRetail | ThredUp is telling customers to boycott a Shein pop-up  6.24

3.Businessweek  | TikTok Turns On the Money Machine  6.24

4.FT | Shopify makes B2B push in attempt to regain momentum 6.22

5.BoF | How to Navigate the Return of Wholesale  6.21



Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.006

1. BoF |  How Shein Gatecrashed Fashion’s Sustainability Show 6.10

2. FT | Influencers abandon TikTok Shop in latest blow to UK ecommerce venture 6.17

3. FT | Smartphone investors bet $200mn on making something out of Nothing 6.15

4. Modern Retail  | DTC Briefing: For newly-launched startups, TikTok has become the place to find customers 6.14

5. Modern Retail  | Microsoft faces an uphill battle in building a third-party marketplace to rival Google 6.17

6. The Economist | Amazon has a rest-of-the-world problem  6.16


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.005

1.FT  | Apple to offer buy now, pay later credit in challenge to Klarna and Affirm  2022.6.7

2.WSJ  | Macy’s, Gap and Other Clothing Stores Are Stuck With the Wrong Items  2022.6.5

3. The Economist  | Fast fashion is in party mode 2022.6.9

4. BusinessInsider   | Direct-to-consumer brands are selling on Amazon after years of avoiding the e-commerce giant. Experts predict a bumpy ride. 2022.6.9

5. Digiday | Marketing Briefing: Why marketers, pivoting to brand awareness, are rethinking their advertising on Facebook and Instagram  2022.6.7

6. FT | Elon Musk demands Tesla employees show up to the office full-time 2022.6.2

7. FT  | TikTok Shop’s troubled UK expansion: staff exodus and culture clash 2022.6.8

8. Businessweek | Sheryl Sandberg’s Legacy Is an Internet of Targeted, Automated Ads 2022.6.7


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.004

1.The Economist | Shares in America’s big retailers swoon

2. WSJ  | Macy’s, Dollar General and Costco May Offer Clues on Strength of Consumer Spending 5.22

3. FTC  |  Twitter to pay $150 million penalty for allegedly breaking its privacy promises – again  5.25

4. | Google probed over potential abuse of dominance in ad tech 5.26

5. FT | Klarna boss puts brave face on buy now, pay later problems 5.27

6. WSJ | Sheryl Sandberg Stepping Down as COO of Facebook Parent Meta Platforms 6.2


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.003

1.FT   | Boohoo and Asos bullish despite pandemic threat to fast fashion 5.14

2.Bloomberg | Shein’s Breakneck Growth Slows, Testing $100 Billion Valuation Businessweek 5.12

3. 财新周刊  | 新消费回归传统  5.12

4. 财新周刊   | 封面报道 | 出口为何降速  5.9

5. Modern Retail  | How the growth playbook for today’s DTC brands has changed  5.3

6. WSJ | Amazon’s Flagship Online-Shopping Business Stalls After Decades of Growth  4.29


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.002

1. WSJ | The Pandemic Was Supposed to Push All Shopping Online. It Didn’t.  4.16

2. The Economist  | Annual meetings are the new frontline in the battle over corporate purpose 4.23

3. The Economist | After a fat year, tech startups are bracing for lean times  4.23

4. FT | Are you still watching? Netflix and the future of streaming 4.23

5. FT | Alphabet’s earnings decline as YouTube revenue disappoints  4.28

6. FT | Facebook parent Meta’s shares rally despite slowing revenue growth 4.28

7. FT | EU to unveil law to force Big Tech to police illegal content 4.21

8. FT | Chinese drone maker DJI halts Russia and Ukraine operations 4.27


Old News | 旧闻新读 Vol.001

  1. WSJ | Alibaba’s Russia Venture Puts Chinese E-Commerce Giant in Awkward Spot 3.24

2. Modern Retail | The next generation of entrepreneurs: Shopify is betting on creators to fuel its next phase of growth 4.11

3. FT | Amazon hits US sellers with surcharge to offset inflation and fuel costs 4.14

4. FT | TikTok under US government investigation on child sexual abuse material 4.15

5. The Economist  | How much of a risk is opacity for China’s Shein? 4.16

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