Anker Case Study

Anker is a well-known brand for portable chargers both to customers and Amazon sellers. Steven Yang, its funder, started Anker in 2011 after leaved Google. The Verge even said Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game.

Let’s have a deep look at what Anker is about and how it promotes products from the perspective of digital marketing.

Anker Brands, and Products

anker company

Anker, also named Anker Innovation, based in China, owns several brands.

Anker focuses on mobile charging accessories, including power banks, charging cables, and USB charging hubs. Anker also tries to expand its products line and it produces smart home appliances and security gadgets under the name Eufy, video projectors under Nebula, Bluetooth earphones, and speakers under Soundcore, and car accessories under the name ROAV.

By the way, if you are interested in vapor or e-cigarette, Jouz belongs to Anker.

anker brand and prodcut

Official website:

anker product category

With so many products, how does Anker establish its marketing strategy, especially in digital marketing?

Anker Promotion

We will dive into Anker’s digital marketing channels from web analytics, including search, social, content, affiliate, email, and community operation, and new product launch case study.

Anker Web Analytics

anker web analytic

We can have a glance at Anker website traffic using Similarweb and Alex toolbar. It is not hard to find that Anker and its other brands perform best in the US, UK, and DE. has the most traffic, followed by and and it seems that and do not work well in terms of traffic. We can also check this on Google Trends.

anker google trenda

Key Takeaways

  • Not all brands work well, Anker > eufy > soundcore
  • Search and direct traffic are the major traffic sources
  • best markets are the US, UK, and DE

Anker Search Traffic

nker semush search traffic

According to the SEMrush domain overview, we can conclude that Anker does not spend too much on PPC for its several brands.

Besides, NEBULA does not do a good SEO job. We can’t find NEBULA on SERP first page only when we search “seenebula”. They do not optimize the meta description, either.

NEBULA-seo problem

nebula-seo problem 2

Soundcore does not optimize TDK.

soundcore seo problem

Key Takeaways

  • Spend a little on PPC
  • SEO TDK issue on Soundcore and NEBULA

Anker Social Media

Anker has several accounts for different countries on social networks. It is a challenge to keep brand consistent while act local.

anker social account

For social media marketing, Anker appears to be not that focused. It does not have a large number of fans and much engagement on social networks. Perhaps it puts more energy on its own community rather than social networks.  The second reason may be that tech products (chargers, soundbar, earphones) do not attract the social audience.

Anker does not verify all its accounts on Instagram.

anker instagram not verifed

Nebula last post on Twitter is on Sep 18, 2019

Nebula- twitter last post

Roav last post on Facebook  is on September 14, 2019

Roav last post Facebook

Key Takeaways

  • The challenge of  going global and act local
  • Why consider social media  as part of the digital marketing mix

Anker Affiliate Markting

affiliate program

Many merchants have their affiliate program for it is performance-based. Anker has its own affiliate program but when we search on Google we can not find what we want until we do it again on affiliate networks.

anker affiliate program

Anker Affiliate program on  Rakuten only supports the US and limits its SKU for tracking issues-part of its product pages leads customers to Amazon.


Soundcore and Eufy have affiliate programs on CJ under different names of companies and with different account managers.

Anker- CJ affiliate

Besides the affiliate program, Anker has other partnership programs.

Key Takeaways

  • does not have an affiliate program page on its website and limits its affiliate program on specific markets and SKU for amazon store traffic redirection.
  • Anker seems to outweigh the influencer program and referral program for its community.

Anker Content Marketing

We keep records of what Anker post on Instagram and Facebook.

Anker Facebook posts

anker facebook post

Anker Instagram posts

anker instagram post

Key Takeaway

  • Anker does not post often on Instagram
  • Most posts on Facebook are about the activity (test, giveaway, product notice) and review reposts from the authority websites.
  • Posts on Facebook and Twitter are not always the same
  • As mentioned above, Anker  does not focus on social media

Anker Community

It can be said that the Anker community is successful.

anker community

For the purpose of positioning and differentiation of the five brands, Anker expands its communities.

  • Anker community:
  • Soundcore community:
  • Eufy security community:

Several marketing activities to increase engagement and capture leads are worth learning.

  • We Love Testing
  • Giveaway/Contest
  • Co-Branding
  • Amazon Livestream

Anker-We Love Testing Case Study

We loving testing is a good way not only to test and optimize products and also to get influences to spread out the brand.

we love testing sample

Anker giveaway is used to generate leads for its community. Once it grows its email lists they can use it for remarketing and prospecting on Google and Facebook.

Some customers explain that Anker giveaway activity always limits the geos to US, UK, CA, DE so that those outside these countries can’t participate.

anker give away sample

Soundcore works together with BYGmusic for live music during COVID-19. This kind of activity can make customers feel warm during the hard pandemic time.

soundcore cooperation

Livestream shopping is hot in China and Amazon takes it a try with Amazon Live. Anker Soundcore also tries this way.

amazon live-anker

Email Marketing

Email marketing plays an important role for those who run Amazon stores because of  Amazon’s restriction on promotion. Let’s take a look at how Soundcore does.

anker- email

Newsletter subscription

email marketing 1

Newsletter subscription-welcome letter

email markting 2
New user registration

email marketing account register

New user registration-welcome letter

email marketing 3

email preference for different brands

email marketing 4

New Product Launch Case Study

We track what Anker does on social media and its official website and Amazon store when it launches the new product-Anker Alkaline AAA Batteries.

nker new product lauch case study

anker email

For new product launch, the common tactic is as follows:

  • use giveaways to capture new leads
  • use coupons to attract customer
  • use remarketing for cart abandonment

Activities usually have 3 stages: warm-up, go live, review.


I hope you can have a basic understanding of how Anker promotes its brands through digital channels such as search, social, content, affiliate, community, email.

Within the five brands, Anker is undoubtfully most successful and recognized by the public, and Soundcore and Eufy have done a good job as far as we can see.

The most important thing about marketing is creating, communicating, and delivering values for the target audience.

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