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Hello World

blogging with wordpress

(Photo  1.2.2017  in NSYSU )

I still remember the first time I have met WordPress through the search engine. I just thought it was a blog platform and did not pay much attention at that time.

Blogging is not so popular today for Zimeiti or “self-media” through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram makes a hit and attracts big investment. And it is more convenient to share your ideas there.

In terms of writing, everyone seems to be able to write something they like or the public fancy and even make a fortune this way. To me, writing is recording, it is a kind of self-reflection. You experience, you think and you write, happy or sad.

A thousand mile journey begins with just one step.

This is the start for me to write, to record, and to share.

My blog mainly consists of three parts.

First, it is about digital marketing. You can have a basic understanding of digital marketing and try some useful tools through the posts.

Second, you can get some materials if you want to learn English, Japanese or Finance.

Third, I will post some pieces of news from famous magazines or newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times.

Hello, New World!