Digital Marketing Guide 6-10

Below are my personal study notes and understanding of digital marketing. Hope it can guide you through the marketing landscape.

It is a beginner guide in general. If you want to learn more, I would suggest you read professional books and put it into practice.

Happy Reading. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

digital marketing


Day1: Marketing Channels
Day2: Cross-border E-commerce
Day3: Shopify Guide
Day4: Website Optimization
Day5: Content Marketing

Day6: Google/Web Analytics
Day7: Google Ads
Day8: Facebook Ads
Day9: SEO Guide
Day 10: Affiliate Marketing

Day 11: Influencer Marketing
Day 12: Email Marketing
Day 13: Branding
Day 14: Martech
Day 15: Marketing Tools

Day 16: Quiz

Let’s Start Now!

Day 6: Google/Web Analytics


Day 7: Google Ads
Adwords learning

Day 8: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Day 9: SEO Guide

SEO Guide

Day 10: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

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