Top 15 Chinese Online Stores in 2019

Top 15 Chinese Online Stores

Do you shop online?
Do you buy products from China?
Do you know any Chinese online stores?

This article will guide you through the top 15 online stores from China.

If you are a deal hunter,  you can make a wiser shopping decision for great offers next time.  If you are a digital marketer, it is suggested that you take a look at these websites and study why they can be successful.

The information below is only for reference and learning.
For any order issues, please contact the merchant directly.



Company: Alibaba Group
Products: Everything You Want
Service: Worldwide Delivery, 24/7 Help Center, Safe Payment
Shipping Methods: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, and more
Payment Methods:
Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover card and Diners Club card, American Express, and more. (There are differences between mobile and PC)
Returns & Refunds: Contact seller or open disputes (Buyer Protection)

Description: AliExpress is the most well-known Chinese commerce website. It does not sell any products itself but many sellers list their products on this platform just like Amazon, eBay. Some people doing dropshipping get their products here.

Vendors offer free shipping, but deliveries will take a long time. You need to pay an extra fee if you choose the logistics service provider such as DHL, UPS, FedEx.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

Aliexpress 2



Company: Globalegrow E-commerce
Products: Gadget & Fashion & More
Services: 7 Day DOA Guarantee, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, Warranty and Return
Shipping Methods:  Air Mail, Priority Line, Expedited Shipping, and more 
Payment Methods: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and more. (split order payments for Brazilian)
Returns and Refunds: Contact Support Center

Description: If you like gadgets, then Gearbest is your good choice. You can get some good deals of smartwatches,  mobile phones, RC toys, smart-home items here.

Top brands include Xiaomi, Huawei, Oneplus, DJI and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

Gearbest 2



Company: Century Heguang Science & Technology Development (Beijing) Co. Ltd
Products: Everything You Want
Services: Secure payments, Guaranteed refunds, Worldwide Shipping
Shipping Methods:  ePacket, DHL, EMS and more.
Payment Methods: Visa, Master, American Express, and more.
Returns and Refunds: Contact the Seller, Open a dispute, or Escalate the dispute to DHgate (Buyer Protection)

Description: is a China wholesale marketplace, connecting international buyers with Chinese wholesale sellers. DHgate hosts over 30 million products in a wide range of categories.

Built from the success of DHgate, DHport provides a complete turn-key solution for buyers looking to make bulk purchases from China, connecting buyers directly with top-tier suppliers and handling everything from logistics, customs declaration and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

DHgate 2



Company: Banggood Technology Co., Ltd 
Products: 200,000 + products of different categories
Services: 7 days DOA product guarantee, Product warranty, Banggood guarantees
Shipping Methods: USA Express, Expedited Shipping Service and more (overseas warehouse)
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, COD, Wire Transfer and more
Returns and Refunds: Contact Customer Service (Different Categroies have different policies)

Description: Banggood was founded in 2006, and at that time it was specialized in computer software research and development. Now it has  a wide range of more than 200000 products.

The payment can be friendly. Also you can be an affiliate as a customer.
Top Brands include Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, DJI and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):




Company: Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co., Ltd
Products:  1000,000+  products
Services: Money Back in 45 Days, Return Policy & Guarantees
Shipping Methods: EMS, DHL, Airmail, Unipost and more
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, COD and more
Returns and Refunds: Contact Customer Service

Description: Tomtop’s products cover mobiles&accessories, remote control models, cameras and photographic equipment, outdoor sports, audio and video, home garden, beauty care, instrumentation, motorcycle accessories, security lighting and so on.

It has warehouses in CN, US, UK, DE, FR, ES, RU, AU and more.
It also offers second-hand products. Students can enjoy 6% STUDENT DISCOUNT with Studentbeans.

Top Brands include: DJI, Xiami, OnePlus, HuaWei and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):




Company: Shenzhen Geekbuy E-commerce Limited
Products: Tablet PCs & Accessories,Wearable Devices, Car Accessories, and more
Services: Warranty Information
Shipping Methods: EMS, DHL, TNT, Airmalll and more
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card and more
Returns and Refunds: Contact Customer Support

Description: Geekbuying is another online shopping store on consumer electronics. Smartphones, laptops, TV Boxes, smart wearables, and drones are amongst the most popular products on the website.

Top Barnds include: Xiaomi, Huawei, DJI, Oppo, OnePlus, and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

geekbuying 2



Company: Globalegrow E-commerce
Products: Women/Men Fashion
Services:  30 Day Returns Warranty
(Free Standard Shipping on orders over $49)
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer and more
Returns and Refunds: Support Center

Description: Zaful is a one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel.  Its Instagram account has 3.6m followers. Swimwear is the best seller. Students can enjoy extra discounts.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

Zaful 2



Company: Nanjing Lingtian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Products: Clothing for Women, Men, and Kids
Services: Returns within 30 Days of Receipt
(Free Standard Shipping on orders over US$49)
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer and more
Returns and Refunds:  Customer Service

Description: SheIn is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on women’s wear, but there are also men’s apparel and children’s clothes and plus size fashion available.

SheIn mainly targets Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other markets.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

Shein 2

9. JollyChic


Company:  Zhejiang Zhiyu Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Products: Fashion, Elcetronics, Home, Sports
Services: 24/7 Customer Service
Shipping Methods: Standard/Express delivery
Payment Methods:  Credit Card, Paypal, COD, Apple Pay and more
Returns and Refunds: Apple for Return ( some items are not eligible for return or refund)

Description: Jollychic, a mobile e-commerce platform mainly serving the Middle East market, provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. It offers a whole catalogue of products including tonsumer goods, apparel, electronics, home goods, shoes and bags, baby products and others.

Jollychic has offices in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Turkey, the US and China.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

Jollychic 2

10. ClubFactory


Company: Hangzhou Jiayun Data technology CO.,LTD. 
Products:  Fashion, Jewelry, Electronics, Home & Lifestyle
Services: Payment Protection
Shipping Methods: USPS (US), GATI (IN) and more
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, COD and more
Returns and Refunds: Apply for Return (in APP)

Description: ClubFactory is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle e-commerce store, labeled by fatory prices.

It has positioned its market in places like India, Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. India became the leading market for ClubFactory accounting for nearly 40 million users out of its 70 million users globally.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

clubfactory 2

11. Lightinthebox


Company: LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd.
Products:  Dresses, Home&Garden, Electronics, Wedding Apparel
Services: Manufacturer Direct, 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee …
Shipping Methods: Expedited Postal, Economy Express and more
Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfers and more
Returns and Refunds: Contact Customer Service

Description: LightInTheBox is an international online retail company that delivers a wide selection of lifestyle products to consumers.

It starts from wedding apparel and goes public on New York Stock Exchange.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

lightinthebox 2

12. Anker 


CompanyAnker Innovations Limited
Products: Power Banks, Charges, Cables, Audio
Services: Product Verification,  Update Firmware
Shipping Methods: Not Mentioned
Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal and more
Returns and Refunds: Warranty Requests

Description: Anker is the global leader in charging technology. This includes wireless charging, car charging, and the best-selling portable and wall chargers.

You can buy items from Anker store or Amazon and it was mentioned in 2015 as the leading brand of mobile chargers on

It owns 5 key brands: Anker, Soundcore, EUFY, NEBULA, and ROAV.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

anker 2

13. PatPat


Company: Shenzhen Yingfusi Technology Co., Ltd
Products: Kids & Baby, Home & Accessories, Family
Services: 14 days for Return
Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay and more
Returns and Refunds: Contact Customer Service

Description: PatPat is an online store focused on e-commerce marketplace offering daily deals for moms and kids.

Products cover clothing, accessories, toys, electronics, home goods, and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

patpat 2

14. Tidebuy


CompanyTidebuy International Limited
Products: Fashion, Electronics, Home, Wedding, Outdoor &Sports
Services: SMS Subscription
Shipping Methods:  Standard/Expedited Shipping 
Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card and more
Returns and Refunds: Open a Dispute

Description: Tidebuy provides hundreds of dedicated products for global shoppers.  boast over 10 million product listings from our factory.

Customers can also enjoy custom made items. Students can enjoy 15% OFF discount via StudentBeans.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):


15. Stylewe


Company: ChicV Limited Corp
Products: women fashion
Services: Member Privileges
Shipping Methods: Standard/Express Shipping
Payment Methods: PayPal
Returns and Refunds: Contact Customer Care Team

Description: Stylewe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers.

StyleWe offers every category of women’s apparel, including dresses, tops, knitwear, outwear, and shoes and more.

Traffic at a glance (for reference):

stylewe 2

10 Digital Marketing Channels You Show Know

How to Promote Your Products Online?


1). On your own websites with tools like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Woocommerce…

2). On third-party stores like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish…
For more info, just take a look at this post. Notes of Amazon Big Seller

3). Other options to listing your products on Walmart, Rakuten, Homedepot, Etsy…

4). Through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe…


If you start up your online store and market your products, you can consider these channels below.


Use Google ads to test whether your ideas are great, your products are attractive. If it works, then dive into your business.

Adwords Fundamental


Facebook is a great social network. If you want to reach more audiences, then try it but remember when people search for something, they have a purpose while they use Facebook, usually, it is for fun.

You can use Facebook to advertise your content on Instagram.

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

3. Deals

People love deals. You can try slickdeals-the largest deal community in the US to see whether your products can make a hit. Before that, you need to do the math for editors’ requirements of the cheap prices.

Deals sites are also a good choice to generate leads, launch new products and clear out excess inventory.

Largest Deals Sites in the World

4. Email

It takes time but it is worthy to grow your email lists.

Anti-Spam Laws

Email Marketing Platform

Keywords: email marketing platform, email marketing software, email marketing service provider, email traffic

Competitive Analysis Tools   search engine for email newsletters

Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing, whereby a product or service gets remunerated for every sale, visit, or subscription sent to the merchant. Because of this performance-based component, which is the cornerstone of affiliate marketing, it is also sometimes called performance marketing. ——Affliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

Affiliate Marketing Guide

How to Start Affiliate Program on ShareASale

6. Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketingis a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole on social media. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential customers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.——Wikipedia

Find influencers on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and other social networks and build up long-term cooperation.

Some influencers may join affiliate networks but a few of them do cost per sale/ revenue share model. Influencer marketing works better for branding.

Keywords: Influencer marketing platform, influencer marketing agency, influencer search tool, influencer marketing trends, influencer marketing software

7. SEO

SEO is a challenge for beginners running e-commerce. But if you want to scale up, it is a must in the long run, which can drive more traffic for free.

You should pay attention to:

Learning Materials
Moz The Beginner’s Guide to SEO
Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide
Ahrefs How to Learn SEO (and Stay Sane)
Book  The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marekting (SEO)  Tools List

8.Native Ads

It is worth noting that currently, over 200 million people are now using ad blockers which does not affect the native ad formats.


Native advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. In many cases, it manifests as either an article or video, produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform’s editorial staff. The word “native” refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appears on the platform.——Wikipedia

Native Platform: Outbrain, Taboola, Sharethrough, Yahoo Gemini, MGID, Adblade, Nativo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

Previous post on Native Ads

Beginner’s Guide to Outbrain

9. PR

Public Releases Distribution

News and Media

News with Coupon Page

Tools:   Find journalists to write about your startup

Influencers and product blog:
Hacking the Press: Clever Ways to Get Free Press Coverage with Zero Budget

10. Others

Social: Pinterest/Twitter/Reddit/Buzzfeed/Snapchat/Tumblr/Quora …

Retargeting: Criteo/ Adroll/RTB House …

DSP: MediaMath/DoubleClick/AppNexus..

CPA Network:  Clickbooth/Maxbounty/W4…
Have a close eye at fraud traffic when dealing with CPA networks.

More Reading Materials

20 Highly Effective Ways to Promote a Product
Doing a Marketing Rollout
Marketing Channels


Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

1.Anti-Spam Laws

Adhering to the following best practices is a good place to start:

  • Get consent
  • Clearly identify yourself
  • Offer a way to opt out

2.Email Marketing Platform

Keywords: email marketing platform, email marketing software, email marketing service provider, email traffic

3.Different Types of Emails

Email marketing is not just sending monthly newsletters or information about sales. It is a great way to communicate and engage with customers.

  • The Shopping Cart Abandonment Email (email remarketing)
  • The Order Confirmation Email   (thank-you page notification)
  • The Shipping Confirmation Email (shipping notification)
  • The Customer Feedback Email (survey)
  • Promotional Email

4. Segmentation of Lists

Personalization is more and more important in term of digital marketing. While you can’t customize an email to cater specifically to every individual subscriber on your list, you can create emails based on specific criteria using segmentation in order to increase engagement and conversions.

Customer Type

  • Potential customers: those who haven’t made a purchase yet.
  • New customers: those who have just made their first purchase.
  • Loyal customers: those who have made purchases on a regular basis.
  • Inactive customers: those who haven’t made any purchases in a while.


Targetting audiences based on specific interests.

Let’s say your online store sells pet supplies. You probably have dog owners, cat owners, hamster owners, new pet owners, elderly pet owners, and so on. Sending them all the same email campaign every time isn’t going to work.


Sending different emails to people in different countries. For example, China has 11.11 festival while America has Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Also, location-based promotion makes senses for brick and mortar stores.


The strategy usually goes like this:

in a certain timeframe, say three months, six months, etc.
subscribers have not opened the emails
subscribers have opened the emails but not bought any items yet
subscribers just buy once and turn to your competitors’ stores.

5. Tracking and Analytics

Using UTM parameters and you can get the data on Google Analytic.

Basic Metrics

  • Open Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Opt-Out Rate

6.  Effective Email Marketing Strategy Tips

  • Incentivize Customers to Review the Product They’ve Bought via Email
  • Use A/B Testing To Optimize Open & Click-Through Rates
  • Set Up Cart Abandonment Emails To Identify Bugs & Improve Checkout Conversion Rate
  • Reward Your Most Loyal Customers
  • Reactivate Your Dormant Customers
  • Be Prepared For Product Seasonality and Retail Holidays With a Newsletter Calendar
  • Combine Your Email Marketing with Other Marketing Channels
  • Competitive  Intelligence Tools   search engine for email newsletters

7.More Reading Materials

Best Practices to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing
How to Build a Responsive (and Profitable) E-commerce Mailing List
8 Post-Sale Emails To Turn New Buyers Into Lifelong Fans

Digital Marketing Tools List

If you have any questions, just Google it!

Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Paid Tools /


SEO Tools

SEO toolbar/plugin
Similar web
SEO quake  (free)
buzz sumo
open seo stats

Website Speed

Mobile Friendly

Competitive Analysis Tools
Google Alerts

Social Analysis and Management

Reviews & Ratings

Technology Lookup /

Free Pictures

Amazon Prices & Reviews

Often Used Tools

book download:
writing assistant:
URL shortener:
find email address:
PNG and JPEG compression:
extension: The Great Suspender-Make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs you aren’t using

Affiliate Forum

Daily News

Academy  (Google)


Continue reading “Digital Marketing Tools List”

Digital Media Briefing Example

Digital Media Briefing

Client :-

Campaign :-

Date :-

Client, Product & Market Background – why the briefing?


KPI’s/Campaign Objectives – how will the success of this campaign be measured?

Target CPA = £

Please detail any other important KPI’s –


Target Audience


Site Overview

Monthly Page Views =

Monthly UU’s =

Average Conversion Rate % =



Other important information

  • Will this activity be run in conjunction with any other media?
  • Are there any other considerations we need to bear in mind?
  • Have you run any activity previously that you would like to avoid/re test?
  • Messaging – what is the creative message or call to action?
  • Budget (£ excl VAT)
  • Campaign Timings


Deadline for provision of information

Please provide a response to this brief by:-

(Please allow a minimum of 10 working days).

History of Internet Advertising



History of Internet Advertising

1994 全球第一个互联网广告诞生

AT&T 在 上投放横幅广告,售卖模式为合约形式(Agreement based advertising))广告点击率高达44%


1995 PC门户广告时代开启

1995.7.17  FocalLink Media Services发布第一个中央广告服务器

1995 第一个展示广告网络出现在美国, Burst Media 是最早的广告网络之一

1996 Double Click 创立,将横幅广告和cookies结合

1997.3 中国第一个展示广告诞生,由Intel 和IBM 在Chinabyte上投放

1998年前后中国门户网站和搜索引擎相继诞生 (网易,搜狐、腾讯、百度)

1997 网易公司成立成立,正式推出全中文搜索引擎服务

1998.2 爱特信推出搜狐


1998.10 Google 成立

1998.10 好耶计算机公司成立

1998.10  3721成立  (2003 雅虎斥资1.2亿美元收购3721,2009.1.4,中国雅虎正式放弃发展3721 和雅虎助手)

1998.11 腾讯

1999 阿里巴巴创立

2000.10.23 Google Adwords诞生

2000.1.1百度 创立

2000.3 好耶开始提供 Ad Forward 广告系统


2001 搜索广告时代开启

1995 Yahoo成立, 1998Google创立,2000百度创立

1997.9  Goto.com成立,是P4P(pay for performance)广告鼻祖,(2001.10.8 改名Overture, Overture是竞价排名和点击付费的鼻祖。通过合作,Overture 在MSN以及雅虎的搜索结果上展示广告,2007被Yahoo!收购。)

2002 中国出现第一个富媒体广告。互动通投放了摩托罗拉赞助的电影《英雄》片花,成为中国线上广告历史上第一个富媒体广告

2003 Google 发起 Adsense,Yahoo! 收购 Overture

2003.4 大众点评创立

2004 Facebook成立

2004 中国第一个广告联盟诞生,中国则开始走上不同的道路:广告联盟经历了多次的起起伏伏,相继经历了MVAS(无线增值业务)、收费视频、游戏、电商四个阶段直到现在 (行业兴衰、作弊与反作弊、扣量与反扣量)

2005 Criteo成立

2005.7.11 Google 收购安卓

2005.11 Google Analytics 诞生



RightMedia 是程序化广告的鼻祖。于2007被Yahoo!收购。

2006 秒针系统、Admaster相继诞生

2006  Madhouse 成立

2006.4.10 Admob 成立


2007 移动广告时代开启

2007.6.29第一代iPhone 发布,2008.9 安卓1.0发布,紧接着第一台安卓手机HTC G1发布
2007 易传媒、悠易、好耶Smartmedia、传漾等逐渐转型成效果导向的展示广告网络

2007年Google 收购 DoubleClick,Yahoo! 收购 Rightmedia; 展示广告进入重点关注和发展领域。

2007年阿里妈妈正式上线发布, 首款产品直通车上线。


2009 视频广告时代开启


2009.5.20 百度统计诞生

2009.11 Google 收购 Admob。 标志着移动广告的风口到来。

2010.1 多盟等国内移动互联网广告网络相继诞生

2010.3.4 美团 创立

2010 阿里妈妈推出 TANX 营销平台,号称“国内第一个”RTB 平台。

2011.1.21 “微信”发布


2012 信息流广告时代开启


2012 新浪、腾讯等媒体相继发布 Private Exchange

2012 移动广告网络纷纷将重点转移到品牌广告主

2012.3 今日头条正式发布

2012.4.10 Google 在中国推出 Ad Exchange

2012.9 Facebook Exchange 发布,2016年11月下架


2014 LBS 广告时代开启

2014.8.12 美团点评推广 推广通产品

2014.10  FB 推出local awareness广告

2015.1.21 微信首条朋友圈广告发布

2015.10.8 美团点评合并

2016.9.13 大众点评上线 点评头条,尝试信息流

2016.9.21 微信推出微信本地广告

2017.7.10 Facebook Messenger 嵌入信息流广告

2017.7.26推广通发布“Co-Line Marketing”线上线下营销一体化营销理念

2017.8.9阿里妈妈推出”Uni Marketing”概念

2017 Google 在Maps中推出新的 local search Ads





Notes of Full Stack Marketer

Note: Below contents are from Full Stack Marketer By Lydia


1.学会写邮件 cc抄送老大
2.情商低的人特别容易因为情绪、喜好、性格而排斥某个合作对象。这是不专业的表现。business is business
新人最爱说”我认为”, 其实真正应该说的是“根据数据”。


SMART原则: specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, timed
TMT: 数字新媒体

公关组 (官方发言人)
品牌组 (塑造企业文化和企业形象)

二级标题 18 pixel
字体颜色 深灰色
HTML5: 兔展,易企秀,秀米
创意设计:Bribble (手机界面图标),站酷(商业创意),Behance(艺术灵感)






5.推送时间高峰段 8:00-10:00,12:00-13;00,18:00-22:00

b.长草清单 (书单,化妆品清单,影视剧list等)

受众30-60岁人群  事件营销噱头+SNS传播,加工成段子之类
2.电台广播  有声音频
4.小众社群  (租房,电商,资讯,社交)——信息分发 三大段子手军团:鼓山,楼氏,牙仙

社会化媒体营销、文案、项目经理、PR、用户运营、社群运营、活动运营 、BD、策划