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Influencer Marketing Brief Template

An influencer marketing brief clearly outlines influencer marketing objectives,  content guidelines, and campaign deliverables to any potential influencers you’ll be working with.

Check the template below to ensure that your influencer marketing strategy and brand goals are aligned and that your influencer marketing campaigns are successful.

Company Overview

About us

  • 2-3 sentences explaining what your company does.
  • Include images from previous campaigns or your current channels to give influencers a feel for your brand and how your product/service is being used.

Campaign Brief

Campaign Goal
Instagram influencer marketing campaigns showing how Brand X empowers women to travel comfortably and effortlessly around the world.

Campaign Message
Brand X is the only brand that combines comfort and style to get you where you want to go, anywhere in the world. Keywords: adventure, freedom, comfort, “do you”, “be you”.

Key Objectives: engagement, clicks, sales
Channels: Instagram, Youtube, TikTok
Deliverables & Timelines: 5 IG Stories & 5 IN Posts, post once a week for 5 weeks

Target Audience: women travelers (25-35 years old)
Budget: $50K
Deadlines: March 1, 2021

Campaign Reporting Requirements: # of engagements, clicks, sales
Content Review Process (if applicable)
Payment (if applicable):
Send invoice on the first of every month to

Campaign Deliverables (guideline and tips)

Deliverable #1: IG Story 1

A..Content Review: February 1, 2021
B. Final Review: March 1, 2021

Deliverable description
A. 1 IG Story showing a day in the life of a female solo traveler wearing Brand X with 3 “stops”, i.e. going o a museum, traveling on a train, going to a concert, etc
B. Each stop should include Brand X but with a different style (i.e. BrandX with heels, with sneakers, with boots, etc.)

We want to show that BrandX lets you #doyou. Think of the activities that bring you the most joy when traveling and how wearing BrandX (comfortable, stylish leggings) enables you to do these activities and more.

Post caption description
Key messages:
· Brand X uses the highest quality materials for top comfort
· Stylish and comfortable, no matter where you are
· Let’s me #done
Brand tag & hashtag
@brandX, #doyou, #beyou, #travel4life #brandx
Links to use:

Campaign Deliverables
Provide examples of images that you’re looking for in terms of style, tone, resolution, etc.

Influencer Do’s and Don’ts


Do include the campaign message in the post captions (as specified above)
Do submit your content for review on the date included
Do position the logo according to brand guidelines
Do include the #ad #sponsored hashtag in your post

Don’t include pictures/references to alcohol or drugs
Don’t use profanity or criticize BrandX
Don’t compare Brand X to any competitors
Don’t incorporate any other sponsored posts

Point of Contact




Note: this brief template is edited from the original  Klear’s ebook.