Digital Marketing Quiz

Hope you have a great learning journey on previous digital marketing guides.

Practice makes perfect. Apply what you have learned into your daily work. But remember it is just beginning. Always keep learning and keep growing since digital marketing is changing fast.

Here is the last quiz for you.

Good Luck and thank you for your reading.


Day1: Marketing Channels
Day2: Cross-border E-commerce
Day3: Shopify Guide
Day4: Website Optimization
Day5: Content Marketing

Day6: Google/Web Analytics
Day7: Google Ads
Day8: Facebook Ads
Day9: SEO Guide
Day 10: Affiliate Marketing

Day 11: Influencer Marketing
Day 12: Email Marketing
Day 13: Branding
Day 14: Martech
Day 15: Marketing Tools

Day 16: Quiz

Let’s Start Now!

Digital Marketing Quiz

1. Who is known as the “father of modern marketing”?
2. What does 4Ps refer to? STP? MarTech ?
3. Which company was Slickdeals acquired by? Ebates?
4. Which price model is the least risky for advertisers?
5. What is the basic three view setting of Google Analytics?
6. How to set up UTM parameters?
7. What is Google Shopping ads also called?
8. What is required on text in Facebook ad images?
9. List 5 affiliate networks
10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of macro influencer and micro influencer?

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