DJI Case Study

Just like the case study series about Anker, Shein, OnePlus, we will take a glance at how DJI promote its products and service through digital marketing channels such as affiliate marketing, social marketing, and email marketing.

DJI Company

Is DJI a  Chinese company? What country is DJI from? Why is DJI so successful. You can find these questions people also ask when you search DJI company on Google.

DJI company

DJI  or Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. (Chinese: 深圳大疆创新科技有限公司) is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. According to its official website, it now has offices in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Frank Wang, whose Chinese name is Tao Wang, and his two colleagues established the company when they were graduate students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2006. Today, it enjoys about 70 percent of the market share in the

DJI Products

DJI is the market leader in camera drones/quadcopters for aerial photography. DJI products are not popular among customers but also for professional use in the field of photography, construction, agriculture, and more.

consumer Mavic series powerful and foldable for aerial adventure
Osmo series capture your best moments with stabilized video
Phantom series professional-grade aerial imaging
RoboMaster series advanced educational robot
DJI FPV series experience the world in FPV
Professional Masters| Shot on DJI| Short film| Education| Events
Enterprise Engergy| Pubic safety| Construction| Infrastructure

DJI Website Analytics

DJI official website is while its online store is The domain choice is not good for SEO but it is understandable since it runs business both with customers and enterprises.

When we use SimilarWeb to analyze, it is not easy to find the best performing regions are the United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

dji website traffic

In terms of traffic source, search and direct traffic eat the large pie. Email, social, and display traffic also play an important role in the marketing mix.

dji traffic source

For search traffic, DJI gets a large number of backlinks which make it stand out on search engine results. It also devotes to drive traffic in paid search and display advertising. Similarweb data show that the paid search traffic accounts for 12.9% during April and June.

DJI search traffic

DJI Affiliate Marketing

You can find DJI in-house affiliate program at the bottom of the online store, which offers a 5% commission for partners.

DJI also run affiliate programs on third-party affiliate networks like Awin and ShareASale, but only gives 3% commission. The affiliate program on Awin and ShareASale does not show on the affiliate page of the website so DJI seems to put more emphasis on its own in-house program.

Platform ID Commission Link
inhouse 5%
SAS 54675 3%
Awin 7327 3%
Indoleads 3%

From the data of ShareASale, we can conclude that DJI EPC and conversion rate is not as good as expected. This may be caused by it high average order values of its drones.

DJI affiliate program on ShareASale

But the affiliate networks do bring DJI a lot of traffic. Google display works best regarding display traffic.

DJI affiliate network performace

Besides the affiliate program, DJI owns the student program and referral program too. Students can use their education email or Studentbeans account to get extra discounts. The referral program is often used by merchants to capture new leads, which we also see on and

Referral program
student discount

If you are an affiliate and want to apply for the DJI program, you need to read its term first. PPC is not allowed but coupon affiliate is OK. (The affiliate manager does not remove the PPC affiliates as the  Google ads still appear with keyword DJI coupon.)

If you Google DJI coupon, you will find DJI has already worked with large coupon sites or news sites with coupon content. In this case, it is hard to compete and rank top on SERP.

If you are a customer, these coupon/deal sites are good places for you to find what you want.

DJI coupon serp

DJI Social Marketing

Social marketing is especially vital for companies related to videography and photography. The beautiful pictures from the company or UGC earn a lot of likes on Instagram. That may explain why DJI wins 2.5M followers.

Social Account Facebook Twitter Instagram
DJI 4.8M 1.3M 2.5M
DJISupport 345,381 22.8K 4.8M 23K 45.6K
DJI Germany 4.8M
DJIKorea 4.9M
DJIIndonesia 4.10M
DJIThailand 4.11M

DJI uses social media to promote its products and services all over the world. The support account is not as popular as the global account.

Going global while acting local is a challenge for most firms. From the account diversification, we can conclude the US and Japan are the core markets that Japan wants to occupy.

Ad: DJI Facebook ads splitting test for the product Mavic Air 2.

DJI Facebook ads

For social marketing, Youtube is a must-have channel.  DJI works with tech influencers to spread the word of its drone products.

DJI review Youtube

Casey Neistat who owns 12.1 M subscribers creat the video $400 Mavic Mini Drone; GARBAGE or great?? and gets 3.5M views. It is great exposure for the DJI brand.


When asked about DJI, you know it is located in Shenzhen, China at least. As a digital marketer, you have a basic understanding of the DJI affiliate program, social marketing, and website traffic analysis.


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