News of Years


create an air of panic

the gathering will be clouded by the death of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

gain a foothold

embroiled in an influence-peddling scandal

bring…to a halt

frustrations grew as reports came in that…

1.demonstrators flooded the street

2.hundreds of thousands of people have marched/gathered in the South Korea capital

unforeseen victory has triggered pangs of uncertainty at home and grave concerns around the world.

hard-line immigration stance

national commermoration

surprise defeat, concession speech



Washington is rolling out the red carpet for Mr. Trump

Most will be experienced Washington hands.

put a question mark over everything he does.

bend Washington to his will

In short, it suggests, Theresa May has got little further than saying “Brexit mean Brexit”



had an altercation with the ticket collector

forex reserves FX


CSRC  China Securities Regulations Commission 中国证监会

minority shareholders 小股东

M&A merger & Acquisition 并购

“post-10” generation







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