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Study Notes: Management

Below is the study notes of management from Coursera course Fundamental management and book Management by Stephen P. Robbins and Mary A. Coulter.

Stephen P. Robbins also writes Organizational Behavior so you will find some content are similar in the two textbooks. To save your time, it is not necessary to learn the Coursera course because it is fundamental and most about concepts.

Many theories about management, OB, leadership is helpful for us to understand how an organization works and develop our skills related.

Framework: 5 Functions of Management

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Leading
  • Controlling

Fundamentals of Management

Reading Materials:

Management Book

  • Management by Stephen P. Robbins and Mary A. Coulter
  • Manager Handbook from Harvard Business Review

Project Management Book

  • (PMBOK® Guide) – A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge-Project Management Institute
  • The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh
  • The Economist: Guide to Project Management
  • HBR Guide to Project Management


  • Harvard Business Review
  • MIT Sloan Management Review


  • https://www.mindtools.com/

Study Notes: Organizational Behavior


Organizational Behavior

Above is the study note of Coursera course Organizational Behavior.

Some other reading materials:


  •  – Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior by Andrew J. DuBrin
  •  – Organizational Behavior: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace by Jason A. Colquitt_ Jeffery Lepine_ Michael Wesson
  • Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge
  •  – Essentials of Organizational Behavior by Judge, Tim_ Robbins, Stephen

Harvard Business Review