Affiliate Marketing Foundations Exam

The exam can be used to test your knowledge of affiliate marketing 101.

60 points /100 is required for the test.

Happy Learning!


一、Multiple Choice(10*2 points)

1. How many steps for launching an affiliate program on  ShareASale? ( )

A.5       B. 6      C. 7     D. 8


2. Which is not an affiliate network? ( )

A. CJ   B. Awin  C. ShareASale  D. Skimlinks


3. Which is the largest deal site in the US? ( )

A. DealNews  B. BradsDeals  C. Slickdeals  D. TechBargains


4. Which is a cashback affiliate? ( )

A. Rakuten  B. Groupon  C. Salecyle  D. StudentBeans


5. Which is not a BNPL affiliate? ( )

A. Klarna B. QuadPay  C. Seezle   D. Acorns


6. Which market does ShareASale perform best in? ( )

A. US B. CA C. AU   D.UK


7. Which market does Commission Factory perform best in? ( )

A. US B. CA C. AU   D.UK


8. Which is not a must for CJ integration? ( )

A. Page Vist Tag  B. Conversion Page Tag  C. S2S  D. Master Tag


9. Which is the largest deal site in the UK? ( )

A. B. Groupon UK   C. Vouchercloud  D. Hotukdeals


10. Which market does BuzzFeed not cover? ( )

A. US B. AU C. JP  D. Middle East


二、Checkboxes(10*3 points)

1. What are the roles in affiliate marketing? ( )

A. Advertiser  B. Affiliate Network  C. Publisher  D. OPM


2. What’s the price structure of Awin? ( )

A. Set up Fee   B. Monthly Fee   C. Network Fee  D. MMF


3. What are the creatives on ShareASale? ( )

A. Textlink  B. Banner   C. Deal/Coupon  D. Data Feed


4. Which websites belong to Ziff Media? ( )

A. Mashable  B. PCMag  C. RetailMeNot  D. TechBargains


5. Which websites belong to Pepper? ( )

A. hotukdeals  B. dealabs  C. mydealz  D. dealhack


6. Which promotion activities are affiliate fraud? ( )

A. TM Bidding without approval  B.Product Review   C. Cookie Stuffing  D. Credit Card Fraud


7. An Affiliate can also be called? ( )

A. Affiliate   B. Publisher C. Partner  D. Influencer


8. Which are affiliate tracking softwares or SaaS? ( )

A. Impact  B. Partnerize  C. Tune  D. TradeTracker


9. Which events are hosted by affiliate networks? ( )

A. CJU  B. ThinkTank  C. DealMaker  D. AffiliateSummit


10. Which events are hosted by PerformanceIN? ( )

A. PMA   B. Partnership Awards  C. Global PMA  D. PI Live


三、True or False(10*2 points)

1. It costs at least $650 to launch an affiliate program on ShareASale ( )

2. EPC is the key metric for affiliates。 ( )

3. Pay Per Call is one type of pricing in affiliate marketing。 ( )

4. The sale amount tracked on ShareASale includes the shipping fee. ( )

5. Last-Click is the only attribution model in affiliate marketing.  ( )

6. The more affiliate network advertisers use, the better results it will generate. ( )

7. Slickdeals requires positive reviews to list Amazon deals when working with advertisers. ( )

8.  LinkShare and  Ebates now are under the same company。( )

9.  The Strategist offers paid placement for affiliate partnerships. ( )

10.  Google Shopping Feed can be used for CJ.  ( )


四、Short Answer Questions(3*10 points)

  1. What happened from a customer clicks the affiliate link to an affiliate gets the commission?
  2. What will be the best affiliate network if you launch an affiliate program for a fashion brand?
  3. What’s the plan for de-duplication among affiliate networks and marketing channels?


Answers for Reference

一、Multiple Choice

1.D 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.A 7.C 8.D 9.D 10.D




三、T or F


四、Short Answers

1)Key process includes

  • A customer clicks the affiliate link (the affiliate network gets the data such as affiliate id, click time…)
  •  A customer makes a purchase from the referral of affiliates(the conversion pixel is fired and the affiliate network gets the data such as sale amount, and coupon usage)
  •  The Affiliate network generates the report and gives credit to the relative affiliate for the order.
  •  The Advertiser reviews and approves the order and the affiliate gets the commission.

2)It is suggested to answer the questions from the perspective of website traffic ( online revenue), target market, marketing objectives, budget, and product to choose the best affiliate network for the advertiser.

3)Channel definition with  utm_source should be mentioned.

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