Beginner’s Guide to Google Shopping


1.Reading Materials
2.Google Shopping
3.Competitive Landscape
6. Q&A

1.Reading Materials:

Proper prepartion and a solid strategy are just as important as doing the actula work of setup and management.

2.Google Shopping

  • Feed Mastering
  • Bidding
  • Monitoring and Optimization

Data Feed: Google Help Center
google_product_category: Definition     Excel sheet /Plain text sample
Product data specification 
Supported file formats
Getting started with Shopping campaigns and your Google Ads account

3.Competitive Landscape

Manual Google search: products, prices, images, service


a.Google Merchant Center
  • Verify that you own the site
  • Tax and shipping setting
  • Link merchant center to Adwords
b.Google Ads (AdWords)

Link Analytics and Set up conversion tracking with the pixel or Google Analytics.

c.Google Analytics
  • Conversion tracking
  • consumer engagement data
  • remarketing lists


The Bidding Trifecta: product price, profit margin, conversion rate

  • sale price – cost of goods sold = available profit
  • available profit  * CR = MaxCPC
  • initial CPC bid = (0.4~0.75) * Max CPC

a. Your conversion rate for paid traffic is usually going to be less tat your site average. (10-30% lower rate)
e.g.  site: 1%,  paid traffic: 0.7%-0.9%

b. You may want to bid less initially.

c. Bump bid $0.03-$0.1  at a time until you start getting impressions and clicks.

e.tight product groups (brand, category, product type, custom label and more)

f. SKU level bidding, RLSAs (remarketing lists for search ads)

6. Q&A

1.Product with no impression
low bids or data feed issue.
Stary by increasing your bids first and consider feed changes later.

2.Products with high impression, no or low clicks
product price issue or poor image quality.
Ad preview and diagnostic tool.

3.Products with high clicks, no conversion
Ads, Landing pages, Competitive Research

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