Digital Marketing Terms and Email Writing

1. Email Writing

Thanks for other’s email

  • Thanks for writing in/ reaching out.
  • Thanks for getting in touch.
  • Many thanks for your email. I was previously in contact with XXX about a potential partnership with XXX

  • Stay tuned.
  • Be in touch.
  • Keep me in the loop.

Delay in response

  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
  • Apologies for the long delay in coming back to you
  • Sorry for the late response.
  • My apologies for the delay in reply,I have been of ill.
  • My apologies in the delays of my response, as I have been in and out of the office traveling for business.
  • My apologies for getting back to you so late. I was OOO from xxx to xxx. Now playing catch up.


  • I will get back to you if something changes.
  • We appreciate your interest in working with us.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every future success.
  • In any regard, best of luck with your search for an agency.
  • Thanks for your interest and good luck!
  • Unfortunately, we are not currently looking at xxx, however, I will keep your contact in mind for future initiatives.


  • If interested, I am happy to provide more details.
  • If this is something that interests you, let’s set up a call and we’ll be happy to guide you through our platform and get you set up.
  • Let me know if that is something you’d like to explore.
  • Let me know what you think/ your thoughts.
  • Is this something you all would be interested to explore.
  • Please let me know your thought about it.
  • I can get you hooked up with a great deal. How does this sound?
  • So kindly let me know if that an option for you to decide.
  • Let me know if you see a fit.
  • Just wanted to check if you had any thoughts about programmatic.
  • Does that sound good to you?


  • I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
  • I hope you will be able to work together soon and bring you the best opportunities.
  • Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Fit Person to Contact

  • Let me know if anything changes on your end and I can put together a package.
  • Would you be able to fill in the attached editable doc? Then I can put something together specific to xxx?
  • Let me touch base with the rest of the team and see if we can get these set up.
  • Hope you’re doing well! I had received your message and wanted to put you in touch with xxx, cc’d here, who will be your dedicated rep moving forward.

Follow up

  • Hope you are doing fine. Just a quick follow up on the below to see how can proceed further and have a more detailed discussion.
  • Following up here to see if we could process xxxx.
  • Thought I’d follow up real quick on the below in case it got lost in the shuffle or maybe caught in your spam folder…would love any help you may be able to provide.
  • Just a quick follow up after my last email.
  • How are you? Do you have the chance to review my last email, regarding xxx? Thanks for your feedback.
  • I was wondering if you had a chance to read my previous email. Looking forward to your response.

Schedule a time

  • Is there a time that might align with your calendar for us to connect?
  • Let me know what day you are able to accommodate this time frame.
  • Could we arrange a call for Thursday or Friday?
  • Let me know what time works for you?
  • Would you be available for a call beginning of next week? I can do sooner as well if necessary?
  • Would Thursday 5 pm local time Hong Kong be suitable for you?
  • What does your calendar look like?
  • Please let me know what time slot works for you and I will set it up.

Out of the office

  • I am currently out of the office. If your query is urgent, please direct this to xxx and my colleagues will pick this up, otherwise, I will respond when I return to the office on xxx.
  • I am currently away on maternity leave, returning/and will return March 2019.
    Please email my replacement xxx
    For any urgent inquiries, you can also communicate with xxxx
  • I am traveling for work this week attending a conference and will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office on business xxx
    Please excuse the delay in my reply. I will get back to your as soon as possible.
    If you need immediate assistance/ For immediate assistance, please feel free to email xxx, otherwise, I will respond to you upon my return.
  • Thanks for your email. I am OOO until xxx.
    If urgent, please get in touch with one of the below, if not, I will pick this uo on my return.
  • Thank you for your email.
    I am currently away from the office with limited access to my email/and will be slow to respond to your emails and I will be returning back on xxx
    If you need immediate assistance, please send an email to xxx or if it related to compliance maters, please contact xxx


2. Traffic, Targeting, Vertical

Email, native, display, push notification
Ad format (zero park): Pop, domain redirect, in-app, push ads,
Push notification, video, native, pops, direct links, display

Tracking Links, creatives, payment terms, IO, credit references


Device type
Time/Frequency Cap targeting
IP range, ISP
Mobile Carrier/WiFi


File host

Profitable Verticals

Digital content


Flat fee/Flat rate/Linear rate/ fixed fee
Flat rate CPA
A fixed tenancy rate


What countries are you targeting more?
It’d be more interesting to know more about your plan.
What is your availability for a call next week?
Where is your conversion point?


3. Native Ads| Content Discovery

  1. Define Goals
    Drive action
    Build a loyal reader base
    Lift brand awareness
  2. Set up Campaign
    Content (blog, video, slide show, a third-party review of your products)
    Thumbnail and title
  3. CPC  Optimal CPC ( flight length, volume, estimated CTR, targeting & budget)
  4. Targeting & Retargeting
  5. Tracking rule (Self -serve, AM)

How to choose a content network?

  1. Quality of publisher network
  2. Scale
  3. Platform support
  4. Targeting
  5. Tracking (CPA, PPV)
  6. Reporting
  7. Ease of use (app)
  8. Service (AM, self-serve)



Goal-oriented,  unintentional browsing mode
In a “content consumption” mode

Gain insights into the entire path-to-purchase.

Search for ways to get their content in front of their target audience at scale while realizing a strong ROI.

Build awareness, change perception, drive action.
drive revenue expansion, reach target audience
boost sales, generate leads
ramp up in volumes and revenues.
generate guaranteed returns on their online advertising money
grow your email list
acquire high volumes at cost-effective price

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