Digital Marketing Tools List

If you have any questions, just Google it!

Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Planner

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SEO Tools

SEO toolbar/plugin
Similar web
SEO quake  (free)
buzz sumo
open seo stats

Website Speed

Mobile Friendly

Competitive Analysis Tools
Google Alerts

Social Analysis and Management

Reviews & Ratings

Technology Lookup /

Free Pictures

Amazon Prices & Reviews

Often Used Tools

book download:
writing assistant:
URL shortener:
find email address:
PNG and JPEG compression:
extension: The Great Suspender-Make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs you aren’t using

Affiliate Forum

Daily News

Academy  (Google)


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Keyword Research on Christmas

When We Talk about Christmas-Keyword Research on Christmas

Keyword Tool

Google Trends

Google Keyword Planner  (Paid)


  1. What is hot with Google Trends?

A. It is obvious to see an increasing search of Christmas from the start of Q4.

Also people search Christmas more that Xmas.

B. Xmas ugly sweater is impressive, isn’t it?

C.Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or Happy Holidays.

2.Keyword ideas through Google Keyword Planner.

Merry Christmas, Christmas tee, Christmas decoration are hot topics.

3.What is popular at Amazon?

Top Searches include Christmas decoration, lights, tree and gifts.

People always love discounts, sale, clearance.

When we type ugly, it suggests “ugly Christmas sweater”, which is consistent with the result of Google trends.

What does ugly Christmas sweater look like? Just Google it.


5.Other Tools to Get More Cues



Find a topic you are intersted, and do it on our own.