Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 33

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.8.25 volume 33


1.Ask the Expert: Data-Driven Campaign Optimization
2.5 Benefits and 5 Techniques that Add Value to Affiliate Networks
3.Taking Affiliate Worldwide: Top Tips for Global Program Success
4.Goodbye, Generic SEO Audit – Whiteboard Friday
5.Marketers ant more data, analytics, tech for improved personalization
6.How to keep your customers happy| The Economist
7.What companies are for | The Economist

1.Ask the Expert: Data-Driven Campaign Optimization

How to customize

  • Don’t look at everything
  • Start with a problem statement
  • Segment to isolate

How to prioritize

How do you actually determine how much of an impact something is going to have before you do it?
a)So look at the data on your own website and see what’s already performing and what qualities are true about those pages.
b) start small and test.

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