Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 37

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.9.22 volume 37


1.The 20 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO
2.Great Examples of Commerce Content
3.Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising
4.E-A-T and the Quality Raters’ Guidelines – Whiteboard Friday
5.ITP 2.2: How is the Affiliate Industry Future-Proofing Tracking
6.WeWork sparks worries about Masayoshi Son’s Vision Funds
7.How Juul Hooked Kids and Ignited a Public Health Crisis

1.The 20 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

research info

Billboard Design

  • Tell a (short) story
  • Make it bold and simple
  • Consider its location
  • Make it interactive
  • Make it memorable

billboard advertising penline stationery

Billboard Advertising Statistics

  • Americans spend an annual average of 17,600 minutes in their cars. That’s almost 300 hours each year. (Source)
  • There are currently 342,306 billboards in the United States. (Source)
  • Almost 8,000 of these are digital billboards. (Source)
  • 6% of global ad spending is dedicated to OOH advertising. (Source)
  • 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving. (Source)
  • Over 50% of people say they’ve been highly engaged by a billboard they’ve seen in the last month. (Source)
  • OOH advertising is 382% more effective at driving online activity than TV ads. (Source)
  • OOH advertising, when paired with search engine optimization (SEO), boosts its effectiveness by 40%. (Source)

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