Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 31

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.8.11 volume 31


1.Print on Demand: A Low-Risk Way to Sell Custom T-Shirts, Books, and More
2.How to Spend Your First $100 on Google Adwords
3.Publisher Spotlight: BuzzFeed
4.How TikTok Could Fail
5.The Smartphone Revolution Was the Android Revolution
6.Apps for the Old: Silver Screens

1.Print on Demand: A Low-Risk Way to Sell Custom T-Shirts, Books, and More

What is print on demand?
Print on demand is a process where you work with a supplier to customize white-label products (like baseball hats or tote bags) with your own designs to sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand.

Pros and cons
Create products quickly
Shipping is taken care of
Low investment, lower risk
Lower margins
Less control over shipping
Limited customization

Keyword match type summaries

Match type Special symbol Example keyword Ads may show on searches that contain: Example searches
Broad match none women’s hats Close variations of the keyword, related searches, and other relevant variations. The words in the keyword don’t have to be present in a user’s search.
  • buy ladies hats
  • women’s clothing
  • women’s scarves
  • winter headwear for women
Broad match modifier +keyword +women’s +hats All the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations of those terms) in any order. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Additional words may appear before, after, or between the terms.
  • women’s scarves and hats
  • winter hats for women
  • hats for stylish ladies
Phrase match “keyword” “women’s hats” Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning.
  • blue women’s hats
  • buy hats for women
  • ladies hats on sale
Exact match [keyword] [women’s hats] Exact matches of the term or close variations of that exact term with the same meaning.
  • women’s hats
  • ladies hats
  • hats for women
  • hats women

Write successful text ads

  • Highlight what makes you unique
  • Include prices, promotions, and exclusives
  • Empower customers to take action
  • Include at least one of your keywords
  • Match your ad to your landing page
  • Appeal to customers on mobile
  • Check for common ad text mistakes

Use Google Shopping ads


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