Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 35

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.9.8 volume 35


1.Understand Content Commerce with Sarah Bundy at CJU19
2.How to work with influencers: Disclosure
3.Inside the complicated world of the travel influencer
4.How Does the Local Algorithm Work? – Whiteboard Friday
5.Brand Monitoring: A Complete Field Guide to Owning Your Brand Online
6.Which Types of Ads Annoy Consumers Most
7.Technology firms vie for billions in data-analytics contracts

1.Understand Content Commerce with Sarah Bundy at CJU19

A working relationship
For some tourism outlets, bloggers offer a way to promote products that might be overlooked by more conventional channels. Even those with just 40,000 followers can make a difference.

All expenses paid
One challenge is weeding out genuine influencers from the fake, a job that’s typically done by manually scrutinizing audience feedback for responses that betray automated followers. Bogus bloggers are another reason the market is becoming increasingly wary.

Posts are typically valued — depending on audience location — at about $1,000 for every 100,000 followers.

Value proposition
This is where things can get tricky. Not all influencers are necessarily interested in what value their posts lend their audience.

Many luxury properties in the Maldives have terminated their influencer marketing programs after getting countless requests from fraudulent influencers.

Which Types of Digital Ads Do US Internet Users Consider Annoying? (% of respondents, July 2019)

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