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Digital Marketing Guide 1-5

Below are my personal study notes and understanding of digital marketing. Hope it can guide you through the marketing landscape.

It is a beginner guide in general. If you want to learn more, I would suggest you read professional books and put it into practice.

Happy Reading. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 14

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.4.14 volume 14


1.Social Proof: Your Most Influential Marketing Asset and How to Use It
2.Small Business Guide to Chatbots & Facebook Messenger Marketing
3.11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs
4.It’s Time for Coupon Codes to Change
5.The 8-Step Content Strategy For 2019 by Backlinko
6.How Custom Do Video Ads Need to Be 
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Top 15 Chinese Online Stores in 2020

Top 15 Chinese Online Stores

Do you shop online?
Do you buy products from China?
Do you know any Chinese online stores?
Do you hear the word “made in China”?

This article will guide you through the top 15 online stores from China.

If you are a deal hunter,  you can make a wiser shopping decision for great offers next time.  If you are a digital marketer, it is suggested that you take a look at these websites and study why they can be successful. Continue reading Top 15 Chinese Online Stores in 2020