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15 Marketing Models You Should Know

A marketing model is a tool that advertisers, merchants, or brands can use to understand the strength and earning potential of their business. It gives us a framework to rationally evaluate how we’re doing things now compared to our competitors and plan growth strategies for the future.

Theories on marketing, communication science, consumer behavior can help us better understand customer needs, create and deliver value, run the business, and manage the brand.

In this article, I hand-pick 15 different marketing models to help you decide the best strategy for you and your business,  predict the impact your marketing tactics have on consumers, and achieve your marketing goal in the end.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Brand Management

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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 15

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.4.21 volume 15


1.Your 3 Step Guide to Building a Marketing Plan That Works
2.14 Steps To Grow Your Affiliate Program
3.Best Open Source and Free Ecommerce Platforms for 2019
4.We Analyzed 12 Million Outreach Emails. Here’s What We Learned
5.20 Awesome Sources of Free Data
6.What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing in 2019 by STM Forum
7.Amazon’s E-Commerce Adventure in China Proved Too Much of a Jungle
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 13

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.4.7 volume 13


1.Find a Product to Sell: 12 Strategies for Finding Your First Profitable Product
2.Affiliate Program Agreement: How to Create Its Terms and Conditions
3.Nine great ways to generate traffic for your affiliate offers
4.The Benefits of Investing in Your Affiliate Tracking
5.How to Use Interactive Content Marketing Platforms to Drive Business
6.A Step-By-Step Guide to Structuring a Digital Marketing  Plan
7.The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by MOZ
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Weekly Reading Picks| Volume 11

Bob’s Weekly Reading Picks

2019.3.24- volume 11


1.Getting Affiliated with a Different Side of Digital Marketing
2.The Awin Report 2019 PDF
3.Ben Cronin, Pinnacle: “Marketing strategies have to be well-rounded and data-driven”
4.Managing Different Types Influencers by Impact
5.5 Questions Partnership Channel Owners Need to Know How to Answer
6.16 Business Podcasts to Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur
7. Find Your Name: 10 Business Name Generators to Help You Create Your Brand
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Digital Media Briefing Example

Digital Media Briefing

Client :-

Campaign :-

Date :-

Client, Product & Market Background – why the briefing?


KPI’s/Campaign Objectives – how will the success of this campaign be measured?

Target CPA = £

Please detail any other important KPI’s –


Target Audience


Site Overview

Monthly Page Views =

Monthly UU’s =

Average Conversion Rate % =



Other important information

  • Will this activity be run in conjunction with any other media?
  • Are there any other considerations we need to bear in mind?
  • Have you run any activity previously that you would like to avoid/re test?
  • Messaging – what is the creative message or call to action?
  • Budget (£ excl VAT)
  • Campaign Timings


Deadline for provision of information

Please provide a response to this brief by:-

(Please allow a minimum of 10 working days).

Notes of Full Stack Marketer

Note: Below contents are from Full Stack Marketer By Lydia


1.学会写邮件 cc抄送老大
2.情商低的人特别容易因为情绪、喜好、性格而排斥某个合作对象。这是不专业的表现。business is business
新人最爱说”我认为”, 其实真正应该说的是“根据数据”。
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